Beguine Sentence Examples | Use Beguine in a sentence

1.waltz rhumba samba mambo cha-cha swing disco latin swing polka march polka bolonase Beguine habanera march march speed

2.Beguine: a member of any of several lay sisterhoods founded in the netherlands in the13th century.

3.the Beguine movement was a religious movement that was originated by the secular women in the medieval europe. addition, secular society also questioned the Beguine movement because it provoked traditional social inherent position of women.

5.the Beguine emerged during the end of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th century. the Beguine members combined the secular life with a religious way, which created out a new kind of female religious life pattern.

6.because Beguine movement involved with conflicts in the interior of the church, the Beguine movement had gradually become the victim that the priest group vented their dissatisfaction to the dervish group, which was condemned strongly.

7.Beguine: a member of any of several lay sisterhoods founded in the netherlands in the 13th century.

8.Beguine: a ballroom dance similar to the rumba, based on a dance of martinique and st. lucia.

9.then i'll know it's you. begin the Beguine, harold

10.under the joint suppression of the church and secular society, the Beguine movement gradually declined, and disappeared from the historical stage.

11.part v narrates that the Beguine walks into declining under the suppression of the church and secular authority.

12.this is the reason why the Beguine study is always lagging relatively.