Befriended Sentence Examples | Use Befriended in a sentence

1.we were Befriended by a stray dog.

2.his medical interest was rounded out with clinical experience when he Befriended a physician named thomas sydeham.

3.her parents called for the kindhearted pastor who had Befriended their daughter to handle the final arrangements.

4.when she was eighteen, dickinson's family Befriended a young attorney by the name of benjamin franklin newton.

5.alone in the big city, he was Befriended by an old lady.

6.she said that it would be a cold day in hell before she Befriended the former jailbird.

7.for nine years he got up early every morning and rode his bike to the hangzhou hotel, where he Befriended foreign tourists and worked for free as a tour guide in order to practise english.

8.nina, also Befriended by a sassy kleptomaniac called toni who takes her on a thieving spree, is no one's daughter.

9.when i went to kansas state university in 1979 i immediately Befriended several black students.

10.once, staying in rome, i Befriended an american architect.

11.shortly my arrival at the school, i was Befriended by an old girl.

12.he was Befriended by a colleague in the same department.

13.unlike other major french designers who fled the country or otherwise defied the nazis, chanel Befriended the enemy.

14.when dan died, the wayward boys he had Befriended were among the chief mourners.

15.his autobiography reads like an amy tan novel: the stand-off between father and son was ended when a fruit-seller Befriended the unhappy boy and encouraged him to continue to play.

16.eventually, mr. zhang Befriended a former art teacher who taught him the basics of watercolors.

17.there, in okinawa, he Befriended a tokyo man.

18.every little pine needle expanded and swelled with sympathy and Befriended me. ma had Befriended bill aho, an american who taught english in hangzhou, and stayed with mr. aho's relatives in seattle.

20.i once Befriended two little girls from estonia, who had narrowly escaped death from starvation in a famine.

21.the dog had been a gift from an elderly woman delilah had Befriended. she didn't know why she'd allowed mrs.

22.i could see that the comrade who had Befriended the warder wanted the sandwich, and i nodded for him to take it.

23.on the aeroplane i was Befriended by a delightful german woman.

24.she found beauty and grace and they Befriended her, and showed her what is real., scott, how much do you trust this invid you've Befriended?

26.a local tough guy Befriended me.

27.this means she has discovered exotic cultures, learnt new languages, Befriended people she never would have met as a tourist and become more flexible and more global in her outlook.

28.he Befriended me when i was young.

29.they Befriended him, becoming almost foster parents, and were able to help him settle. first he thought maybe his card was from frank chen, a chinese interpreter he Befriended during the war. day the girl felt a snake wrap around her leg: it was the snake she had once Befriended.

32.jane is Befriended by a miss temple and learns her lessons rapidly.

33.the band Befriended this unlikely character, and shot hours of video of him at work, giving free hugs to passers-by.

34.when Befriended, remember it, when you befriend, forget it.

35.returning from the underworld, snow white is Befriended by woodland animals and cute creatures of the forest.

36.back in1974, when i was in my early twenties, i Befriended a group of hikers who were mapping a desert trail from the mexican to the canadian border.

37.he Befriended me and was quite generous.

38.they Befriended the young girl, providing her with food and shelter.