Basicity Sentence Examples | Use Basicity in a sentence

1.based on the mass balances of blast furnace, typical slag Basicity was calculated and analyzed in different zones of the blast furnace.

2.the surface acidity or Basicity of six-component transition metal catalyst was studied.

3.benzene ring in benzocrown ether has electron receptor effect can reduce complex ability to metal ions because of weakling the Basicity of crown ether.

4.the results are consistent with fluorine simultaneously disrupting the glass network and reducing the Basicity of the glass.

5.the influence of sinter Basicity on quality, mineral structure and sintering process of vanadium-titanium magnetite was determined under the new raw material structure.

6.create a desire for its benefits healthy idea: the natural weak Basicity water, does not increase any artificial mineral substance.

7.effect of combined depressors on the floatability of chalcopyrite and pyrite at low Basicity

8.effect of Basicity, ammonia-n and cod on independent nitrification

9.approach to the mechanism of changing ceramic acidity and Basicity with titania

10.for measuring the Basicity, calcium stiffness and total hardness, a new successively titrating way is recommended.

11.the influences of blast temperature, slag Basicity, iron ore grade etc on energy distribution and smelting index of bf are discussed.

12.effect of Basicity and tio_2 on radiation heat transfer of mold flux in continuous casting

13.research on composition of mineral and microstructural of high Basicity sinter

14.for the second step, the adding amount of calcium aluminate can be controlled according to the different Basicity of pac.

15.the results show that the phosphorus partition ratio of the slagsteel increases with the increase of oxidability , Basicity of slag. compares the nucleophilicity of nucleophilic reagent with the similarities and differences of Basicity. a Basicity of28, an experiment for optimizing parameters by orthogonal method was performed.

18.optical Basicity and regular solution model of quadratic formalism was used in the research of desulfurization of molten steel during tapping by slag filtrating.

19.influence of metal temperature, slag Basicity and initial si content on demanganization of carbon-saturated hot metal

20.experiment on effects of pellet property in different Basicity and ore matching structure

21.the general expression of gas phase Basicity of aliphatic amine, alcohol and ether

22.the results showed that calcium methoxide exhibited strong Basicity and good thermal stability.

23.therefore, the author puts forward the determination and computing method of the quality regulate control parameter the Basicity and hydrolysis value.

24.horizontal road marking. markings applied on the roads. epoxide, Basicity and isocyanate indexes determination. to high Basicity sinter, the influence of the reduction disappearance of calcium ferrite and hematite on sinter strength is twice higher than the phase transition of calcium orthosilicate.

26.the relation between the microstructure of sinter ore with high Basicity and reduction disintegration

27.the technique of microcalorimetric adsorption and its application for measurements of surface acidity and Basicity have been reviewed.

28.the mesomeric reaction of l-cystine is greatly affected by the neutralizing temperature and rate as well as the Basicity of neutral agent.

29.experiment investigation on influence of superhigh Basicity on sinter properties

30.the extent of the regions was determined by the descriptor Basicity. this paper, the influences of different agents, there addition quantity and particle size on the foaming performance of the refining slag with high Basicity were investigated.

32.unsuitable mixed with Basicity pesticide or contain copper pesticide.

33.molecular simulation study of Basicity of nitrogen-containing compounds

34.the study on blast furnace burden structure with different Basicity sinter ore

35.based on the principle of electronegativity equalization, a new method is developed which can be used to scale the Basicity of binary oxides.

36.discussions about a paper named "mistakes occurred in standard analysis for index of permanganate in the way of Basicity"

37.during the high rate heavy rail steel smelting, the upper Basicity slag can be used during the lf refining, but it reduces suitable Basicity of slag and refining time during the rh refining.

38.the effect of flux Basicity on the microstructures and toughness of saw deposited metals on pipe line was investigated.

39.application of optical Basicity in glasses and its relationship with element properties