Basic Sentence Examples | Use Basic in a sentence

1.those in business are not, on the whole, conversant with Basic scientific principles. this scenario, you might seek an hour or two of a professional's time just to sketch out a Basic financial-planning framework.

3.this Basic utilitarian model gives a relatively unsophisticated account of human behaviour

4.the delegation submitted a memorandum to the commons on the blatant violations of Basic human rights.

5.the Basic concept of managing public finances is no different from that of family financial management.

6.there are three Basic types of tea

7.they have to have a Basic understanding of computers in order to use the advanced technology.

8.under the old system, the Basic police requirement was at least 6 feet tall and with a very good eyesight.

9.the procedures should satisfy certain Basic requirements.

10.he doesn't have mastery of the Basic rules of grammar.

11.i had a Basic sketch of a plan.

12.the government increased prices on several Basic commodities like bread and meat.

13.for europeans, the law is a statement of Basic principles of civilised conduct

14.the peace plan as it stands violates Basic human rights.

15.there was a very Basic similarity in our philosophy is the responsibility of every government to uphold certain Basic principles.

17.we provide 2-person tents and Basic cooking and camping equipment.

18.the second prong of the strategy is the provision of Basic social services for the poor.

19.the Basic idea is to get the subject to focus on an object so intently that he or she tunes out any other stimuli.

20.the family planning is one of the Basic ( national) policies of our country.

21.the Basic design changed little from that patented by edison more than 100 years ago

22.the Basic point is that sanctions cannot be counted on to produce a sure result.

23.the promise of some Basic working rights draws murmurs of approval

24.access to justice is a Basic right.

25.the jar, then, is close to what you need for a good reusable module but it lacks some Basic modularity characteristics.

26.the protection of the environment is one of the Basic state policies of the chinese government. has helped improve Basic literacy and numeracy a bit, but would work better if it were more rigorous.

28.hospitals lack even Basic drugs for surgical operations.

29.there are certain ethical principles that are Basic to all the great religions. modern society, the power of money be obvious to people, but this power must not large enough to modify our Basic understanding of life. of the most Basic requirements for any form of angling is a sharp hook.

32.embellish Basic covers and curtains with borders, ties and fringing.

33."speeding up the building of a strong and smart grid is good for the Basic transformation of china's power development, " mr liu said.

34.all this is to be done without big rises in the Basic level of taxation.

35.control makes it easy to define the Basic appearance of cells and the display formatting of cell values.

36.the afro-asian nations had approved the Basic general principles of non-alignment.

37.we shall have to explicate its Basic assumptions before we can assess its implications.

38.the Basic price for a 10-minute call is only £ 2.49.

39.hong six f- 7 and f- 8 out to stop the Basic equipment, maintenance alone business after the company into a very small contribution.