Bases Sentence Examples | Use Bases in a sentence

1.some are based on regression analysis of significant data Bases.

2.the coastal resources and environment are Bases of survival and development for the residents.

3.the parameter to the add method must be the same type as is returned from the item property, or one of that type's Bases.

4.water volume evaluation is one of the main Bases whether a water base is to be built. its evaluation ways are various.

5.the red cross appeared to be the charity of choice among celebs, who encouraged their fan Bases to make donations via text message.

6.comparison and analysis are made on theoretical Bases of oil inorganic and organic origins.

7.strictly, a base pair is a pair of complementary Bases (i. e. the a: t, g: c and a: u interactions) held together by hydrogen bonds.

8.this paper analyses the general method of proving the productive property and the theorems on which it Bases.

9.the two hotel-restaurants are attractive Bases from which to explore southeast tuscany

10.this company is one of the major Bases for researching, developing and producing organic fluorine.

11.preliminary talks on the future of the Bases began yesterday.

12.the tail feathers are dark blue at their Bases, shading to pale blue at their tips.

13.they may also be setting up Bases in rural areas, to which he could possibly escape and avoid arrest.

14.strengthening theoretical Bases and methods research of information system integration

15.many filipinos see the Bases as an extension of american colonial rule

16.conclusion this method is simple, re-usable and easy to supply some Bases for the identification of kang wei ling troche.

17.Bases include oxides and hydroxides of metals and ammonia.

18.frankly, i would be very skeptical of any company that Bases its hiring purely on an iq test.

19.they responded with assaults against the enemy's Bases.

20.its Bases and the farmers supporting them.

21.grid account system is one of the key technologies and Bases of mass grid technology applications.

22.the study on satellite communication in motion Bases on panel antenna in this paper.

23.the chinese air force has a new secret weapon to protect one of its Bases: macaques.

24.this paper Bases on the specific circumstance of yushu, puts forward the path selection of the sustainable development.

25.hydrolysis of polymers, as with their low-molecular weight analogs, is often catalyzed by traces of acids or Bases.

26.they set up three Bases before climbing to the top.

27.the company, which has Bases in london and birmingham, is all about challenging conventional wisdom, he says.

28.this log together with an analysis of the piece will be the Bases for your final paper.

29.he has managed to touch all the Bases necessary, and trade goes on

30.the attack wiped out our forward Bases.

31.sichuan is one of the major industrial Bases of china.

32.computerized data Bases are proliferating fast

33.according to fico, he would like the countries negotiating about the Bases to ask other european countries for their opinions. the same time, the selection method of wavelet Bases and hierarchy number is also analyzed here.

35.its theory Bases on the educational outlook and scientific outlook of the narrow theory of knowledge.

36.this figure illustrates how code Bases are separated into modules for strong architecture and ownership.

37.finally, the article concluded, to understand the revitalization of old industrial Bases in northeast china's significance.

38.for governments, international standards provide the technological and scientific Bases underpinning health, safety and environmental legislation.

39.foreign air Bases should be removed immediately.

40.the treaty provides that, by the end of the century, the united states must have removed its Bases