Basement Sentence Examples | Use Basement in a sentence try to make ends meet, he and his wife just sold their house and are moving into their son's Basement.

2.thinking no one would see him, he ran down the stairs into the dark Basement without even a towel on. beijing, we rented a Basement.

4.then waterproof the Basement and low floors.

5.among the problems was the fact that crucial electrical switching equipment was in a Basement, and therefore got flooded.

6.the man and the boy we took to the Basement. Basement has a laundry room and a ping pong table.'s dark and damp in the Basement.

9.when we got to church, i went down in the Basement with them.

10.are the pipes of the sprinkler system in the Basement or on the mezzanine floor?

11.even when the worker hammers at the ceiling of the Basement, i tell you to see the pipes the lines inside, which makes you dirty.

12.the washroom and the kitchen in the Basement are for public use.

13.jake , i found a way out ! down in the Basement.

14.dust coated the furniture in my Basement.

15.the Basement has two special wine caves, as well as ample garage and storage space.

16.found a lot of old stuff from the Basement, just like this little snoopy. mum kept them really well.

17.he took advantage of the housing shortage by renting out his Basement.

18.after that came and went, passengers were told of a gate change and rushed to a Basement holding area, away from the public gaze.

19.the best place to be in a tornado is in a Basement or interior room of the lowest floor of a sturdy building.

20.438. based on the basic case, the purchaser found the vase in the basin in the Basement.'s time to whitewash the Basement walls again. daughter was found in his Basement.

23.endothelial cells, epithelial cells in the Basement membrane and together constitute the glomerular filtration membranes. office is a cubby hole in the Basement.

25.they bought an old schoolhouse to live in and built a workshop in the Basement

26.she's lying in the Basement.

27.your security team's tied up in the Basement.

28.they live in a Basement flat in north london.

29.downstairs in the windowless Basement, where the real work is done, it is sleazy and sweaty.

30.the Basement hallway is painted a warm yellow.

31.gravity framing in the Basement takes the form of a conventional concrete beam and slab design.

32.he stopped in front of the Basement of a building.'s war time, and you're hiding in a Basement with a group of other people.

34.through the Basement window i saw him strap on his pink cycling helmet

35.there is a washer and a dryer in the Basement.

36.a woman kept prisoner in a Basement was rescued after suspicious neighbours tipped off police.

37.he had to move a refrigerator out of his way to get out of the Basement.

38.the water bubbled up through a crack in the Basement floor.