Bartering Sentence Examples | Use Bartering in a sentence

1.although this idea is quite na ? ve, the story about Bartering read on the internet yesterday encourages my confidence.

2.for most p2p file-swapping applications, sharing is a volunteer action, and peers are not responsible for their irresponsible Bartering history. so it is necessary to establish a trust mechanism for the p2p network.

3.hundreds of Bartering websites cropped up in 2007, when the legend of kyle macdonald swept through the country.

4.both have separate systems of credits that make Bartering easier.

5.the united nations 'food and agriculture organisation said such government-to-government Bartering – a system of trade not used for decades – was likely to become more common as the private sector was finding it hard to access credit for food imports.

6.a short time later i moved to utah but i never forgot the story of this man, the boys and their Bartering.

7.he said Bartering is particularly good for single people like him, since most commodities given by bosses are impractical for them.

8.they got what they needed by Bartering their livestock.

9.would you consider Bartering goods or services in your business?

10.introduces several economic models used in grid computing: commodity market model, posted price model, bargaining model, tendering/ contract-net model, auction model, bid-based proportional resource sharing model and cooperative Bartering model. could also set its own timetable for opening its services market and make its offer conditional on the us and others Bartering trade concessions in return.

12.she wished to create a even more beautiful fairy tale in chinese edition, and she started her Bartering with a paper clip as well.

13.clearly, the world of Bartering is a confusing place, not dissimilar to that of relationships.

14.there are four legs to the food-for-free table: foraging wild food, growing your own, Bartering, and using waste grub, of which there is loads.

15.more and more investors are now using cfd as a part of transaction combinations to replace stock Bartering. can save money Bartering but follow these tips for getting most out of your transactions and protecting yourself. former times trade was based on Bartering& goods were exchanged for other goods. we would like to adopt the terms of "payment by installments" for our present transaction. can think about Bartering as a way to get some goods and services at some very cheap ways.

19.but sun yumin, one of the founders of a shanghai-based Bartering website, and li` s friend, believes successful Bartering calls for "a special talent"-a combination of a salesman` s persuasiveness and a collector` s shrewdness.

20.the first step is to realize that there are always multiple solutions to any problem, whether its making more money, building your retirement nest egg/ strongbox, or Bartering for broccoli.

21.however, just as there was no universal-Bartering standard in the past, there is no global monetary system today.

22.he said it was possible myanmar was Bartering uranium ore for conventional weapons, maybe even missile parts or technology.

23.research also shows that Bartering has increased at a quarter of u. s. small businesses due to the economy.

24.they have been Bartering wheat for cotton and timber

25.during the celebration, people of various ethnic groups from yunnan and the neighbouring province flock to dali city to enjoy horse-racing, archery, singing and dancing, and Bartering.

26.a canny canadian internet user showed the potential of online trading systems by gradually Bartering a paperclip into a three-bedroomed house.

27.Bartering used to be the preserve of many communities in the days gone by more so than now.

28.this is not the end of his Bartering business, however, as else said that he's already gotten another call from a homeowner who has had trouble selling their property. first, Bartering took place asan exchange between two people.

30.this has helped her accumulate all the shampoo and soaps her family has needed over the two years that she has been Bartering.

31.i left the store smiling to myself, impressed with this man. a short time later i moved to colorado, but i never forgot the story of this man, the boys, and their Bartering for marbles. hears stories of the return of Bartering: a yacht swapped for a mobile phone, a harley-davidson exchanged for a bicycle.

33.however, sharing is a volunteer action, and peers are not responsible for their irresponsible Bartering history, therefore it is difficult to establish the trust relationship among users with traditional trust mechanism.

34.Bartering helps companies save money, move unused products and connect with new buyers.

35.during two years of Bartering prior to these experiments, failure to exchange tokens for food occurred in fewer than 5% of trials.

36.investigate Bartering resources to increase pool of resources.