Barrelled Sentence Examples | Use Barrelled in a sentence

1.characteristic properties of strongly Barrelled spaces for our method of knowing them, it can be and is summed up in a word, albeit a double-Barrelled word: hypothetico-deductive. Barrelled gun, two Barrelled gun, targeted at a deer. it's not the deer that i'm aiming at, but at my love.

4.objective to study the variations of microorganism indexes of Barrelled purified water during its preservation period of 90 days.

5.can some one lend me a double- Barrelled rifle? we Barrelled along backcountry roads, i asked whether he enjoyed his status as the marlboro man.

7.the closed graph theorem on s-Barrelled spaces and s-countably Barrelled spaces

8.he came up the hill at a gallop on his thick- Barrelled , long-legged hunter, appearing in the distance like a boy on a too large. horse.

9.results: the qualified rate of domestic area Barrelled purified water for drinking raised gradually from 2001 to 2004, the qualified rate of province center is higher than other medium and small city.

10.spontaneous discharges of the rostral ventrolateral medulla ( rvlm) neurons were extracellularly recorded by multi Barrelled microelectrodes in urethane anesthetized rats.

11.several characteristics of Barrelled spaces

12.analysis of domestic Barrelled purified water for drinking from 2001 to 2004 this paper, we give a resonance theorem for families of quasi-homogeneous operators taking values in locally bounded topological vector spaces. moreover, we give a resonance theorem for families of quasi-homogeneous, quasi-convex operators from Barrelled spaces to locally convex spaces.

14.preliminary study of the sanitary quality of Barrelled drinking water in suzhou

15.his word was a double-Barrelled compliment. it implied that she was an agreeable female, and also her husband had a clerical appearance.

16.notes on spaces of Barrelled type

17.uses the double Barrelled hunting rifle, at first fires at the goal is the live pigeon, latter replaces with the putty system.

18.the double Barrelled hydraulic shock absorber is the mainstream product of the shock absorber, improves its design method and forecast its performance always is the automobile shock absorber technological development main topic.

19.qgfseries Barrelled production line consists of washing, filling and capping.

20.the dynamic analysis on microbiological contaminant of Barrelled drinking water in luoyang

21."jim" he whispered, "take that and stand by for trouble. " and he passed me a double-Barrelled pistol.

22.heavy Barrelled. 38 revolver

23.a pneumatic system for the Barrelled beer-filling machine and its plc control

24.china's gdp Barrelled along in the first half of the year, growing by 11. 1% compared with a year earlier.