Barrage Sentence Examples | Use Barrage in a sentence

1.the minister was assaulted by a Barrage of abuse from the angry strikers.

2.with such a heavy Barrage of planetary fireworks, it will be hard to avoid obstacles. rosser said the Barrage would cause "massive ecological disruption" and distract from alternatives.

4.that said, you will likely be met with a well mixed enemy Barrage poised and ready to strike.

5.stevenson and other democrats, led by dnc chairman stephen mitchell, zeroed in on me with a Barrage of attacks.

6.the thames Barrage had at last been completed.

7.concussive Barrage ( marksmanship)-can now proc from volley attacks. one would have complained that china had not followed its creeping Barrage of fireworks with a helicopter.

9.the two fighters were driven off by a Barrage of anti-aircraft fire.

10.meanwhile, the state-run media keep up a Barrage of messages aimed at just this sort of "picky" educated woman.

11.a small nonrigid airship used for observation or as a Barrage balloon. markets increased the odds of more short-term interest-rate cuts this week after a Barrage of grim economic news.

13.doctors are complaining about being Barraged by drug-company salesmen

14.the u. s. said the naval drills are 'defensive' in nature and had been planned before last tuesday's artillery Barrage by the north.

15.aimed shot: added to Barrage and improved Barrage talent.

16.a new passive Barrage jamming method for sar

17.but in the aftermath of that, i was subjected to a Barrage of violent rape and death threats.

18.a defense official says the us has unleashed a Barrage of cruise missiles at libyan targets yesterday and today.

19.the prime minister faced a Barrage of questions from reporters at the news conference.

20.this sounds like a Barrage of accusation — i don't intend it to be

21.gaza-based militants also fired a fresh Barrage of rockets on nearby israeli towns. was Barraged with phone calls from friends who were furious at the indiscreet disclosures.

23.a Barrage of strikes, work stoppages and sit-ins will peak with a paralysing two-day general walk-out on wednesday.

24.both bonnie and clyde were killed in the Barrage.

25.the ground was quaking beneath him as the artillery Barrage began.

26.the old aswan dam was a Barrage.

27.make your opponents spin and crash as you bombard them with a Barrage of weapons.

28.a Barrage would halt the flow upstream and lift the water level.

29.the meeting of the two european leaders took place in the shadow of the latest Barrage of released u.

30.while complying with the orders of his mistress, he braves a Barrage of criticism from his mistress.

31.we replied to the enemy's attack with a Barrage.

32.a Barrage of commentaries in state media in recent days underscored mistrust of mrs. clinton's strategy.

33.he praised the soldiers'quick actions during and after the shooting Barrage, which he said saved lives.

34.the militants retaliated with another Barrage.

35.the council is standing firm against the Barrage of protest

36.officials said the city had been hit by a Barrage of mortars.

37.the artillery Barrage on the city centre was the heaviest since the ceasefire

38.caesar plunged the head of his men into the Barrage of spears thrown from the hilltops.

39.he was faced with a Barrage of angry questions from the floor.