barracks Sentence Examples | Use barracks in a sentence

1.the soldiers are building the new barracks.

2.but i know, i hope we can accompany them in their barracks.

3.two soldiers permanently stand guard outside these barracks.

4.the authorities have ordered all soldiers who have returned from the front line to report back to barracks can take it back to the barracks with you. your barracks over there?

7.i measured a barracks, calculated its occupants from the informational booklet, and imagined how crowded it had been.

8.the next day they let the cavalry go on with him, while they returned to the barracks. a punishment, the soldiers were confined to barracks for a week.

10.hundreds of paramilitary soldiers have returned to their barracks in dhaka.

11.a barracks is built at the foot of the mountain.

12.used to be a barracks in this town.

13.this is seen as a reward for the army's loyalty during a barracks revolt earlier this month.

14.the site only allowed for the building to be one room deep, as a workhouse and a barracks lay immediately behind.

15.half a mile farther on, near the top of a rise, he looked back. now it looked exactly like a barracks again.'s kevin, johnny, colum, murdered in the barracks.

17.the tension of waiting seems to be the fate of pathetique of contemporary professional soldiers and military barracks.

18.former british barracks now house mainland troops, but they stay well out of sight.

19.moncada barracks were turned into a workshop of torture and death.

20.the school buildings, originally constructed as temporary hospital barracks, were crumbling.

21.obama also denounced an attack near an army barracks in abuja, nigeria, which he said killed at least 20 people and wounded many more.

22.but they took her back to the barracks.

23.who told you to giggle with your seniors in the barracks like that?

24.guerrilla attacks were launched against the police and military barracks.'re in the baird school, and not at barracks.

26.enlisted men report to barracks and your platoon leaders.

27.the barracks stand on the site of the old castle.

28.this prisoner escaped the barracks by dressing him up a guard. will need "barracks" to be able to build troops at your systems.

30.the guerrillas raided banks and destroyed a police barracks and an electricity substation.

31.i got myself a pass into the barracks

32.i slipped to the barracks an'said,'sir, yes sir, i'm patriot!

33.a local senior security official said the attack of the barracks located in the north waziristan tribal region's main town miranshah.

34.once back at the barracks he started pushing me and even slapped me in the back of the head.

35.the barracks was [ were] inspected daily.

36.and on the next day, leaving the horsemen to depart with him, they returned to the barracks.

37.meanwhile, troop artists also presented a performance, followed by an exhibition of light weapons and a visit to the barracks. trying to make a baby with my barracks door, private?

39.he took me by the hand to a shabby little barracks beside the tarmac, its windows blown out.

40.he announced that the army and police had been confined to barracks.