Barnyard Sentence Examples | Use Barnyard in a sentence

1.the market traders cried out like Barnyard cocks.

2.they called me fat cow. once they went outside of the Barnyard into the circus tent to call me an elephant.

3.while the boys at the Barnyard were shoveling refuse and litter from yesterdays hunt.

4.turkeys in the Barnyard were thought to be speaking pleasantly to one another.

5.when i ate up all of Barnyard grass flour, i shook the newspaper, and nailed them on the wall beside my grass bed.

6.i usually don't love animation, but Barnyard was poignant and entertaining. they passed a Barnyard of mules and pigs, the husband sarcastically asked, are they relatives of yours?

8.first he breaks down the fence to get into the farm, and then he must quietly make his way through the Barnyard without waking the other animals.

9.clean-scented laundry; a manure-scented Barnyard.

10.laura was surprised to see the dark shape of sukey, the brown cow, standing at the Barnyard gate.

11.and through the Barnyard gate.

12.Barnyard(movie) down on the farm, the farmer thinks he's in charge, keeping all the animals safe and sound.

13.turkey in the Barnyard, what does he say?

14.i've just been violated by a Barnyard animal.

15.what are some of the organic fertilizers, besides Barnyard manure and compost?

16.but what of the woodland and Barnyard areas?

17.they have spread Barnyard manure, so the crops are especially hardy.

18.when the flock flew overhead once more, wally again tried to lift himself out of the Barnyard. but he simply didn't have the strength. classic Barnyard fashion, it was scratching, pecking and clucking.

20.pollution and resource of heavy metals in Barnyard grass of le an river, china

21.a new Barnyard game between you and seven hens.

22.are you aware it's illegal to possess Barnyard animals in a residential area?

23.with the help of charlotte the spider and the support of the rat and the other Barnyard animals, wilbur escapes from being killed, and learns about friendship, trust and love. quinclorac is an excellent chemical herbicide for controlling Barnyard grass in paddy fields.

25.what do you think of you hear the word "agriculture" ? the image of crops growing in field or a Barnyard full of animals may come to mind.

26.there was a half of bason of offwhite Barnyard grass flour on the chopping board, it looked like arranging for in advance.

27.would people really accept pricey free-range beef and scrawny Barnyard chickens perhaps once or twice a week?

28.rain fell in the Barnyard and ran in crooked courses down into the lane where thistles and pigweed grew.

29.i look out and i see a sea of dumb Barnyard animals. this Barnyard big enough for the both of us?

31.roosters crowed the sleeping Barnyard up.

32.but sometimes on warm days pa left the door of her stall open so she could come into the Barnyard.

33.don't you dare turn my courtroom into a Barnyard.

34.i still had two Barnyard grass-made bun stock, so i would like to do some taskworks.

35.behind each fence and Barnyard wall there must be a risk that we hadn't though of, you know, like the red coats retreating from lexington.

36.the next morning, chanticleer got up and flew down from his perch. he walked up to the Barnyard in a royal way.

37.but the bantam cock is respected in the Barnyard, and so it was with gerald.