Baric Sentence Examples | Use Baric in a sentence

1.the fluid Baric difference map between depth of 3700m and 3100m shows an upward migration of mature oil and gas.

2.examination of ear Baric function of flying personnel in hyperBaric chamber

3.preventive nurse of the male patients in low Baric index with 2 type dm combined with osteoporosis

4.if image characteristic areas registration algorithm was adopted, the paper put out four eliminating methods based on area homonymic proportion margin, area centro Baric parity and interval, and registration parameters repeating usage.

5.observation on therapeutic effect of tentorium incision plus early hyper Baric oxygen on traumatic brain hernia

6.on this bares the paper establishes a Baric system and framework of creative teaching initially, from teaching mode to specific methods, teachers and students, knowledge-passing to ability-training and textbook improvement to school assignments changing.

7.methods by direct entrance method, 520 patients with ureteral calculus were treated with Baric ballistic lithotrity , and calculus removed.

8.hyper Baric oxygen and the recovery of sports fatigue

9.the influence of acute carbon monoxide poisoning on blood no, et-1 and cec and the effect of hyper-Baric oxygen therapy in rats

10.(agent of 1) radiology barium checks: acute period should s not be commonly Baric agent examination.

11.fireball characteristics of a thermal-Baric explosive

12.peri-operative nursing care on Baric ballistic lithotrity care by ureteroscope

13.objective: to introduce a method and its safety in examining ear Baric function of flying personnel in hyperBaric chamber.

14.hyper Baric oxygen treatment for newborns with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

15.that the discontinuous application of low Baric oxygen cabin may be the main means for the training of endurance sports in the future.

16.a clinical study on cerebral palsy children treated by hyper-Baric oxygen therapy and motor intervention

17.conclusion: hyperBaric chamber can be used to examine the flying personnel's ear Baric function and its safety is higher than that of hypoBaric chamber.

18.effect of living high- training low and hyper Baric oxygen to blood biochemistry index of middle- distance race swimming man

19.the Baric clyster diagnosis to this disease and differentiate diagnose have fundamental value.

20.the method is easy and quick in operation and is used in the determination of barium in many kinds of Baric salts.

21.methods: the hyperBaric chamber was designed according to the method of hypoBaric chamber, and the change of velocity of ear Baric function, the operating procedure and the time for examining eardrum membrane were examined.

22.when weather changes, Baric meeting occurrence wave motion, affect the gravitational wave in atmosphere thereby.