Bank bill Sentence Examples | Use Bank bill in a sentence

1.cancellation or merging of institution that handles Bank bill business, or annual of the original institution;

2.obtain Bank bill vouchers, special stamp for Bank bill and encryption device from the principal bank; and, as per payment and settlement rules and requirements of the principal bank, implement strict security management;

3.analysis of problems in the procedure for publicizing public notice of Bank bill of exchange

4.issuing fictitious Bank bill to draw money illegally for criminal activities; recent years, commercial Bank bill businesses developed rapidly, becoming the major method of commercial banks acquiring great profits and the main means of enterprises building up short-term capital.

6.the market is shocked because this happens just after the restart of3-year-term central Bank bill.

7.aval average aval b back to back credit balance of payments balance sheet Bank bill bank guarantee

8.too much central Bank bill leads to some negative effect, the article concludes the problem about rmb's excess issue should be solved from the root. empirical study of the policy transmission path of sterilization operation of central Bank bill in china

10.the increasing trend of foreign currency assets determines the continuance of central Bank bill as debt replacement instrument.

11.distribute its Bank bill vouchers, special stamp for Bank bills and encryption device to agency bank; provide training and coaching to associated personnel of agency bank;

12.research on the risk of commercial Bank bill transaction based on var model

13.remittance function can complete the holder holding the draft to bank payment, after the holder receipt and switching to the issuing bank, issuing Bank bill payment after correct verification.

14.the client s right to know in the Bank bill payment service: an approach based on nash equilibrium; the above pre-paid rates are net hk$ including tax& service charge.

15.we take the formal character of chinese numbers in Bank bill as recognition sample for experiments, and the results are satisfying.

16.the central Bank bill is a short-term debt instrument issued by central bank which purposes to regulate the commercial banks 'excess reserves. does the Bank bill its customers for credit card charges?

18.based on nash equilibrium, this paper proposes some suggestions to improve the strategy of the Bank bill payment service.

19.hope to evergrowing Bank bill of yantai branch business development strategy research for other joint-stock commercial banks to develop business to provide ideas and methods of the notes, and other business development to provide the reference for evergrowing bank of yantai branch.

20.based on the research of 4 representative finance innovations such as short-term financing bills, central Bank bill, asset securitization, financing business, we can see financial innovation influence bank liquidity in two ways.

21.customize and print clearing bills of all banks and offer Bank bill management flow;

22.because of rmb's excess issue through "foreign currency assets-rmb" model in china, central Bank bill as a debt tool has been replacing the excess currency.

23.Bank bill automation recognition based on hmms method

24.recognition of examination responsibility of commercial Bank bill payment and the risk prevention

25.the grameen Bank bill of 2013 will give bangladesh's central bank the power to appoint 3 bank directors.

26.having fixed business place and facilities by which stamps, encryption device and Bank bill vouchers may be safely protected;

27.unlike the former view that the character of central Bank bill is bond issued by central bank, this paper afresh explains its character from debt replacement instrument.

28.we take the formal character of chinese numbers in Bank bill as recognition sample for experiments , and the results are satisfying per agency agreement, transfer fund of Bank bill issued to the principal bank on the day of issuance or on the morning of next business day at latest;

30.but from the perspective of nash equilibrium, the strategy designed to protect the client's right to know in the Bank bill payment service in china is extremely inefficient.

31.the market is shocked because this happens just after the restart of 3-year-term central Bank bill.

32.another effort was made to get a Bank bill that the president would approve.