Balloon Sentence Examples | Use Balloon in a sentence london, the use of the tube has Ballooned

2.his Balloon blown off. wasn't a Balloon — i'm certain of that.

4.don't blow the Balloon up any further! it'll burst!

5.the Balloon rose up slowly into the air.

6.the child pricked the Balloon and it burst.

7.a Balloon floated across the sky.

8.the child cried when his Balloon burst.

9.a Balloon popped, sounding like a gunshot.

10.zhang: oh, i have a Balloon hat.

11.they are to attempt to be the first to circle the earth non-stop by Balloon.

12.the Balloon burst with a bang.

13.the part of a Balloon or airship that carries people and cargo.

14.this is a curious george and the hot air Balloon book.

15.the Balloon ascended quickly.

16.the new museum building looks like a Balloon lying on its side ready to launch. outside is a real Balloon ready to take visitors for a ride.

17."we're going to go back to the united states soon, our life is there, " he said, holding a heart-shaped pink Balloon.

18.and the owner of the Balloon wasn't very big. . . but he was big enough for george to see that he was angry!

19.she popped a Balloon with her fork.

20.bob mentioned the class presidency to ted as a trial Balloon to see if ted might be interested in running.

21.five hot-air Balloon to escape north.

22.pierced ears; a perforated eardrum; a punctured Balloon.

23.the slum in early spring nighttime, the sky is a Balloon, a few slogans on the wall, an one female of male is turning on a light.

24.his jokes about woman drivers went down like a lead Balloon.

25.he pricked the Balloon and burst it.

26.the Balloon enlarged as we pumped air into it.

27.professor fergusson plans to make aviation history by making his way across africa by Balloon.

28.the Balloon was invented before the plane.

29.the climbing Balloon drifted silently over the countryside

30.the Balloon has blown.

31.they floated the trial Balloon of actually cutting social security. prevent scar tissue from returning, your doctor may give you estrogen and place a Balloon in your uterus for up to a week after surgery.

33.if the implementation is just a bit insecure, a hole is opened on the boundary: the Balloon deflates or, worst case, explodes.

34.the Balloon and stent are delivered to the heart area via a long catheter inserted into a blood vessel in the patient's thigh.

35.before humans were sent up in the Balloon, a test flight was made using three animals: a sheep, a duck, and a rooster.

36.i took an uncharged Balloon and rubbed it on my uncharged hair.

37.the world's first transatlantic Balloon race ended in chaos last night