Aztec Sentence Examples | Use Aztec in a sentence

1.Aztec spearmen are Aztec warriors who have yet to capture an enemy.

2.the latter is an ancient hand weapon that Aztec hunters also used to hurl darts.

3.origination and context of terrorism of shang kingdom: a comparison with terrorism strategy in Aztec

4.where the title and historical reference are clearly chinese, takano's image is a pastiche of an imagined, magical historical journey complete with Aztec warriors, a strange feline and a straw man.

5.only the very wealthy people in Aztec societies could afford to drink chocolate because cacao was so valuable.

6.after all, pre-Aztec and Aztec peoples domesticated the turkey more than a millennium before columbus reached the new world ( the Aztecs called the bird huehxolotl).

7.quetzalcoatl, one of the major deities of the Aztec people has been chased into exile by his rival, tezcatlipoca.

8.the Aztec and mayans decorated the pyramids and temples with brightly painted sculptural reliefs and large frescoes or mythical animals.

9.this is the Aztec calendar.

10.the word chocolate is the name for the Aztec goddess of love.

11.i care not for cursed Aztec gold.

12.despite its beautiful, sunny appearance, the flower remains a symbol of pain and sorrow, closing its petals when the sun is gone, perhaps pining for the Aztec sun.

13.i would be an Aztec, or a mayan, like my peeps, and i'd cut your fucking heart out, homes.

14.when the spanish explorers went to mexico, they saw the Aztec kings using umbrellas.

15.the ancient Aztec culture has all perished now.

16.Aztec spearmen armed with a spear, light armour and shield.

17.the uto-Aztecan language of the nahuatl. the religion of the Aztec was a bloodthirsty one.

18.old breed of tiny short-coated dog with protruding eyes from mexico held to antedate Aztec civilization.

19.Aztec armies must have been a doddle compared with traffic on the urban freeway.

20.Aztec is the name of the camera used on the james clerk maxwell telescope. seedlings propagating for f 1 hybrid of Aztec marigold with large flower Aztec religion extensive human sacrifice was demanded by the sun gods huitzilopochtli and tezcatlipoca.

23.effect of extracts from siberian cocklebur, Aztec marigold, calamus against cabbage worm

24.zocalo square is the heart of mexico's ancient Aztec empire. would be the first tomb of an Aztec ruler ever found.

26.he has the face as though an Aztec sculptor had attempted a portrait of sebastian.

27.the serpent or dragon also appears in Aztec, chinese, and native american mythology.

28.Aztec warrior armoured with padded armour, a chimalli shield and armed with a maquahuitl club.

29.a16th-century Aztec mosaic of a double-headed serpent ( pictured above) exemplifies the way cultures have long been connected through the movement of people and ideas.

30.specialised ranged Aztec troops who wielded javelin-sized arrows which they also used in melee.

31.the mayan pyramids and Aztec sun calendar both stand testimony to the splendor of your ancient civilization.

32.for example how is the data factoring in the economic output of the Aztec and inca empires in south america?

33.what was your inspiration in creating the Aztec gatehouse? contrast, among state societies, the most violent appears to have been Aztec mexico, in which 5 percent of people were killed by others.

35.the Aztec king montezuma mistook them for gods.

36.Aztec ruins national monument