Avant Sentence Examples | Use Avant in a sentence

1.it is a perfect visual expression of the Avant-garde dream of a society in a constant state of revolution.

2.not even excited anymore i just want the bloodshy and Avant tracks.

3.thus bands like the flaming lips can build a name for themselves not only for Avant art rock, but for creating some of the most memorable merch around.

4.his enthusiasm for Avant gard ideas was reflected in his associations with the novembergruppe-and his architectural designs were already showing a fondness for glass skyscrapers.

5.john cage, as a banner of the Avant garde music, exerted significant influence on the music of twentieth century.

6.you know the critic lu tonglin, who speaks of your "doubly-subversive position" in even the male-centered Avant-garde tradition?

7.essentials of chinese contemporary Avant-guard poetry

8.action art and device art, as a phenomenon of post modernism, is an artistic manifestation of Avant garde artists who are trying to rebuild the theory, spirit, value and ways based on the spiritual ruins of society.

9.i do not know whether accepting the lesson has placed me in the rear or in the Avant-garde.

10.there are footprints of modern architectural Avant-couriers;

11.it was one of the first Avant-garde works to appeal to a wide audience.

12.his own early commitment to the Avant-garde, he says, came from a "sense of duty to a chronically under-represented aspect of culture" .

13.the intervention of arts in life: a study on peter burger's theory of Avant garde

14.those prose of Avant& garde and creative sprit pushes forward the frontier of the metropolitan prose in taiwan to a refreshed new field.

15.the vanguards are the main scorekeepers and the Avant-couriers and fullbacks lack the consciousness of attacking and shooting;

16.born in bilbao to a father from b é arn and a mother from andalusia, he introduced the french to the spanish Avant-garde before the war.

17.recommendation engines are the enemy of serendipity and great books and the Avant-garde.

18.he was at odds with the russian Avant-garde school of the time, but his work showed the confidence of a man sure of his style.

19.in europe and america most people know this generation of chinese artist under the name china Avant garde because of the exhibition by that name in the early nineties.

20.ms. ono, 76, was an Avant-garde artist in new york before she met lennon in london in 1966.

21.the children learning their table etiquette in chardin's 1740 painting are in the Avant-garde of a cultural revolution.

22.which of the following factors deactivates the electric rear hatch drive on the new audi a6 Avant?

23.looking at full girls wearing Avant-courier, we began to show an expression of disgust, forgetting that actually more so.