Auditing Sentence Examples | Use Auditing in a sentence

1.built-in Auditing, recovery, notification and management facilities.

2.a few of these features facilitate the implementation of Auditing functions. the last part, the paper put forward a series of my own suggestions from the point of view of Auditing technology and auditor. this paper, we examine the relationship between Auditing firms'industry expertise and their audit quality.

5.experience in Auditing, cost accounting and taxation is necessary.

6.i did the inventory check and helped the accountants to make the Auditing reports.

7.any changes of the Auditing theory and practice are embodied in the auditor's report.

8.the audit facility was redesigned to improve performance and to provide fine-grained Auditing ( fga).

9.handlers can manage encryption and decryption, logging and Auditing, and so on.

10.Auditing and controlling daily expenses of hq and subsidiaries companies.

11.the problem is not about accounting and Auditing standards in china.

12.since the time of the application of computer Auditing is still short, many problems and shortages are met in the practical application.

13.the two major supervision ways of government financial funds means accounting supervision and Auditing supervision.

14.providing for message logging and Auditing. a complete method of economic efficiency Auditing, it includes the spheres of technology, ideology and working methodology.

16.event Auditing and reporting.

17.this allows the downstream service to manage its own Auditing and account information.

18.the information we gather from these few rows can be very informative for Auditing purposes, and to understand why a step did not run.

19.the principles and system of financial affairs, accounting and Auditing; today's information technology conditions, the new concept of continuous Auditing can be well applied to internal audits.

21.having sound internal Auditing and monitoring system and risk control system;

22.being good at internal and external Auditing. make internal control effective, internal Auditing in a business is very important., it will not be wrong to say that Auditing and serviceability are two extremely valuable components of any software program.

25.while it is usually practiced, it is not a specific requirement in the case of international Auditing standards.

26.the cpa examination covers four major topic areas: Auditing, accounting theory, business law and accounting practice.

27.such internal Auditing shall be subject to the professional guidance and supervision of audit institutions. the research of internal environmental performance Auditing has been theoretical and practical.

29.but it must also be democratic, based on an independent Auditing of debt to ascertain how much might be illegitimate.

30.we will strengthen Auditing and supervision work.

31.audits of third parties and contract Auditing.

32.rule governance involves the Auditing and verification of business rules that are implemented.

33.Auditing standards are the rules governing how an audit is performed. goldman said he would like to see more money go to help farmers and less to pay administrative and Auditing costs.

35.this allows you to retain messages for Auditing purposes, or to perform compensating transactions if an error occurs.

36.principles that are relevant to the profession and practice of internal Auditing;

37.the application of new Auditing standards addresses new requirements to audit, and challenges the Auditing teaching.

38.the necessity and feasibility that the strategic Auditing is used on financial statements Auditing are analyzed in this dissertation.

39.understanding and Auditing for quality policy and quality objective

40.once the Auditing period is over, the audit file can be converted from its native, raw format into a readable text file.