Attrition Sentence Examples | Use Attrition in a sentence

1.for the great significance of vocabulary in language acquisition and retention, Attrition in vocabulary has been a heated research area.

2.overall, Attrition at yahoo has remained little changed in recent months, according to a person familiar with the matter.

3.the company continued to take charges due to salaried Attrition programs and other restructuring costs.

4.roller mills grind essentially by crushing and Attrition.

5.independently designed a set of testing system to examine the Attrition of combing roller slot.

6.hence campaigns of annihilation are the means of attaining the objective of strategic Attrition.

7.the company plans to cut a quarter of its workforce over six years through natural Attrition and fewer hirings.

8.this was to be the verdun of the eastern front - a battle of Attrition rather than a fast-moving tank battle.

9.99. but the objective of strategic Attrition may also be achieved by campaigns of Attrition.

10.initial enrollment was109 subjects, but a high rate of Attrition limited the number of evaluable subjects.

11.staffing: additions and Attrition among development staff.

12."the most visible results have been drastically lower Attrition rates and a faster rise of alumni in the company, " says mr zhang.

13.the result was significant Attrition in the number of commercial corba products. this sense war of annihilation is war of Attrition.

15.the rebels have declared a ceasefire in their war of Attrition against the government.

16.peasants were the pawns in this war of Attrition.

17.we should learn to respect others so as to avoid Attrition and confliction.

18.relating to or caused by Attrition.

19.they whittled down the enemy's military and economic strength in a war of Attrition.

20.staffing: to track project member additions and Attrition.

21.this control requires knowledge of Attrition kinetics and cyclone effectiveness.

22.we should also choose a catalyst that is resistant to Attrition and breakage.

23.staffing: to monitor project member additions and Attrition as indicators of project momentum and morale.

24.for measuring abrasion of catalyst particles, three basic Attrition test apparatus are used.

25.staffing: additions and Attrition among the test team.

26.for one thing, the app Attrition rate is often a factor in calculating store sizes.

27.campaigns of Attrition are supplementary but necessary in protracted war.

28.then, as now, the teachers' complaint was pay, and a war of Attrition ended in 1987 after two years of intermittent strikes.

29.will their rate of Attrition when very long be as slow as seen in telomerase-negative mouse cells?

30.germany was the first nation to effectively use the submarine in an Attrition war.

31.staffing: additions and Attrition among configuration management staff.

32.the long war of Attrition exhausted the strength of both countries.

33.this also leads to reduced staff Attrition.

34.language Attrition is a reverse process of foreign language learning and relates closely with the language acquisition. said that some business process outsourcing providers in india are experiencing Attrition rates of up to 50% a year. the years of fighting the yuuzhan vong, combat Attrition saw him achieve an acting rank of general from his official rank of major.

37.the utility model can reduce the Attrition with the table when the fixed base is moved or rotated. this war of Attrition, each side scores victories.