Attitudinal Sentence Examples | Use Attitudinal in a sentence

1.with its integrative approach to theory, the paper also contributes to the Attitudinal literature.

2.naturally, it is to be found in all these things and a myriad of other data points, financial league tables and Attitudinal changes besides.

3.among the Attitudinal meanings, implicit judgement accounts for the most.

4.repurchase intention(ri) is a concept of Attitudinal loyalty on brand loyalty study.

5.the findings confirm that behavioral and Attitudinal loyalties can be used to be an effective segmentation tool.

6.from the perspective of critical discourse analysis, personal pronouns embody interpersonal and Attitudinal meanings.

7.Attitudinal resistance remains a barrier and access to contraceptives, though improving, is still shockingly limited.

8.yet profound Attitudinal differences have surfaced, particularly between the us and germany. will be more productive to relax Attitudinal preconceptions and begin to work with education and empowerment across the spectrum.

10.reasons for these results and how Attitudinal effects on bag-taking behavior could be rigorously tested were discussed.