Attire Sentence Examples | Use Attire in a sentence

1.battle no.3: companies don't have a dress code but they still reprimand employees for wearing certain Attire. today's evening party, she is dressed in splendid manchu Attire.

3.yet appropriate Attire always seems to be out of stock.

4."i'm a little frumpy, " he said on nbc's today programme, after presenter meredith vieira ribbed him about his baseball Attire.

5.the lady was surpassingly beautiful, while the rich magnificence of her Attire drew all eyes upon her.

6.women everywhere cheered the advent of more comfortable tennis Attire.

7.your Attire should reflect both your environment and your position. those crowded streets her Attire did not rate a second glance.

9.female flds members wear modest Attire ankle-length prairie dresses even while swimming.

10.your choice of business Attire is a signal of your respect for the other person or organization.

11.he ignores his personal Attire.

12.there was an uncribbed, uncabined aspect in his eyes and Attire.

13.his choice of Attire-or rather his mother's for him-has also received plaudits.

14.her attention was attracted by his peculiar Attire.

15.his father onto the altar of the bride bride and groom she was handed over to the dark Attire.

16.we all in do not camouflage, dismounts that matter useless Attire to accommodate, at least in us, replies original most really own!

17.the artist's Attire, from the hat on his head, to the brand (and price) of his shoes? i need formal Attire?

19.everyone knows that attitudes toward work Attire have relaxed.

20.represents the national football team in the new zealand black, because their sports Attire all is a black.

21.and i suppose we have different ideas of wearing formal things or casual Attire.

22.base on the their Attire, we can see that they are all foreigners, like me.

23.prepare professional Attire and appearance.

24.and some researchers report that patients have less confidence in a doctor whose Attire is casual.

25.only hypocrites wear clothes; fiery serpents and fat maggots are often the only Attire. always wear formal Attire to crime scenes, strachey?

27.the first time a piece of Attire intended to be worn into a lake, pool or sea was called a suit was back in 1883.

28.a good salesperson will be able to provide you with several excellent choices of Attire that meet your needs.

29.whether you in for to everywhere search various aspects the soft Attire monomer source material to rush about?

30.she divested herself of her cumbersome Attire.

31.the Attire worn in a play or at a fancy dress ball.

32.the king knew that all of his guests . . . all of those who responded to his gracious invitation . . . were poor and have no royal Attire.

33.her eyes, however, betrayed that perfect confidence which contradicted the girlish simplicity of this modest Attire.

34.well, i was wondering where those people with professional Attire come from.

35.tartish Attire. she wore a gaudy costume to the party.

36.i hardly think jeans are appropriate Attire for a wedding.

37.part of being an adult means choosing my own Attire.

38.he beheld the figure of a man, in grave and decent Attire, seated at the foot of an old tree.

39.they instruct you to go behind the screen and change into the provided Attire.

40.compliment her on her eyes, Attire, hairs, looks and talking style, don't talk about how hot figure she has.