Attic Sentence Examples | Use Attic in a sentence

1.your mission is to go to my Attic.

2.i hauled myself up into the Attic and looked around.

3.the twins have been monkeying about in the Attic again.

4.on his first night there he sneaks out of his Attic bedroom to go to the bathroom but finds that the door is closed and the light on.

5.they spent the weekend clearing out the Attic.

6.when i was six years old, i discovered a box of old books in my grandmother's Attic.

7.i was up in the Attic with my friend christopher. know all that bad stuff i said about andy's Attic?

9.what happened to you in that Attic? tell me who you're afraid of.

10.i've got hundreds living in my belfry and in the Attic.

11.while cleaning the Attic yesterday, i came across an old photograph of my mother.

12.the debris is beginning to accumulate on top of the insulation and duct work along the ridge cap stretch in the Attic.

13.then i went up to my Attic to get my rope and chair.

14.following them to the Attic, he found a wounded union soldier, with a rifle at his side.

15.we can store a lot of things in the Attic.

16.his old textbooks are all stored in boxes in the Attic.

17.i boxed up all the silly stuff, writing and acting and goofing about, and threw it in an Attic somewhere. i shut the door. i moved on.

18.she was allowed to go back to her Attic on condition that she would feed herself sensibly.

19.i suppose, sister, you will put the child in the little white Attic, near the old nurseries.'ll find a dusty Attic up these stairs.

21.that was what she did this morning on reaching the Attic.

22.and, had it not been for a fortuitous discovery long after her death in the Attic of their house, hers would have been a supporting role.

23.the Attic was full of junk.

24.for years i thought it was missing, until my children found it again recently in the Attic. your case, an Attic was involved.

26.i outfitted an Attic bedroom as a studio. get some stuff from the Attic.

28.pack these books together and put them in the Attic.

29.frank: mum, can you help me? i just knocked over the ladder in the Attic.

30.their hangout was a grubby Attic.

31.later that day, the family said the boy was found unharmed, and claimed he had been hiding all along in an Attic inside the family's garage.

32.the baggage was brought from the Attic for packing.

33.he's in the Attic, in his room.

34.she slept the night in the Attic.

35.i found an old chess set in the Attic, but two of the pieces were missing.

36.they have been sitting in the Attic for a year now.

37.i accidentally found a revolver and some bullets in my Attic last year and have kept them for self-defense.

38.and stuffed her in the Attic.

39.i've got boxes of old clothes in the Attic, which i really should throw away.

40.then one evening, sara was in her Attic when she heard a noise on the roof. she looked up - and there at the open window was a small monkey.