Attesting Sentence Examples | Use Attesting in a sentence

1.the mba is jointly awarded by the two portuguese universities, but also carries a certificate Attesting to the sloan component.

2.a.7 a letter Attesting that the nationality of the carrying vessel has been approved by the buyer.

3.this time, the courses were solely run by local instructors – Attesting the recognition of the local standard.

4.Attesting the constitutional housing rights in china: based on the argument, norm and method of unenumerated constitutional rights

5.mercedes, cadillac and toyota dealerships line the roads& Attesting to the personal wealth that has left the city's nighttime sidewalks chockablock with parked cars and its streets choking with smog.

6.wood packing materials fumigated with methyl bromide should be accompanied with an official certificate Attesting to the treatment.

7.this thesis is aimed at Attesting the feasibility of lexical chunks in middle-school english teaching.

8.a supplier's letter Attesting that the name and nationality of the carrying vessel have been approved by the purchaser. members have spurned compensation and refused to sign papers Attesting that he died of natural causes.

10.the differences of law attributes of electronic evidence, has direct impact to evidential value and Attesting ability of electronic evidence, also has direct impact to the way method that electronic evidence keeps intact.

11.bearing the signature of a witness Attesting to something's legality. ( of facts, evidence, etc) be contrary to ( sth); conflict with

12.such Attesting is to be used in the mainland.

13.Attesting to the feasibility of this approach, sanofi pasteur has played a key role in transferring influenza vaccine technology to brazil which will be in a position to produce vaccine next year.

14.a letter Attesting that extra copies of abovementioned documents have been dispatched according to the contract.

15.first, plaintiff had attempted to comply with sierra club by filing affidavits Attesting to use of the affected lands by some of its members., Attesting internal control could impel enterprises to observe the laws and regulations, strengthen the transparency in enterprises 'produce and management, and know the authenticity and legitimacy of enterprise's financial reports further.

17.therefore, the server should try to avoid the simple depending on Attesting client's degree by address.

18.professional qualifications attestation is an important approach in examining and evaluating the effectiveness of practical teaching and students 'applied ability. this paper analyzes the characteristics of course teaching and examination in professional qualification attestation, proposes the measures in Attesting professional qualification certificates.

19.a document Attesting to the truth of certain stated facts.

20.enclosed please find my resume Attesting to my outstanding academic performance at the business school of shanghai university.

21.most companies require customers sign disclaimers Attesting they own rights to uploaded images.

22.thereinafter the author expounds on the necessity of Attesting appraisal conclusion from two aspects: the attributes of appraisal conclusion and the evidential status of it.

23.thus, a word of god, giving his own authoritative promise of redemption, must be self-Attesting.

24.all evidence Attesting to the reason for your overstay.

25.and to do that, scripture itself must be god's pure, self-Attesting word, itself free from sinful distortion.

26.shipping co's certificate Attesting that the carrying vessel is chartered or booked by applicant or their shipping agents.

27.the traces of chisels are still clearly visible inside the wells, Attesting the difficulties that the monks surmounted and their moving perseverance.

28.jove gives his promise, and confirms it with the irrevocable oath, Attesting the river styx, terrible to the gods themselves. some other companies, bp issues annual sustainability reports Attesting to its compliance efforts in these fields.

30.effective mechanism of confidence upon identifying for Attesting witness

31.there might be a letter in your file Attesting to your energetic and imaginative teaching. on the system of expert Attesting in court

33.declaration signed and stamped by beneficiary Attesting that the goods is of first quality without and kind of defect.

34.the Attesting and application of an inequation

35.websites all have digital certificates Attesting to their identities, but some certificates offer more security than others.

36.i have attached to this agreement a statement from my bank Attesting to my financial status.

37.this essay judges the conception of illegal evidence from the content, form and source of evidence materials and the methods of gaining, inquiring and Attesting evidence while classifies the illegal evidence within both generalized and narrow categories.