Attent Sentence Examples | Use Attent in a sentence

1.the resources utilization and control of environment pollution are paid much Attent ion nowadays.

2.after lunch, i Attent an activity which i forgot its name in the center of campus. going to Attent an exam next week. the late 20th century , the research ofl teachers has become a focus that attracts more and more Attent on throughout the world.

5.feature points alignment far from being a problem has been solved. in particular, it required that we should Attent when we solved the problem under non-ideal conditions.

6.i often hear grown up peopl sai i could not fix my Attent on the sermon or book. and the reason is, the habit wa not form in youth.

7.directing the develop state of community antenna television network and user's request of high-speed connection, access internet over cable modem and community antenna television network, as one of the new high-speed connection mode, are being Attent more and more. columnist is translat in the affectionate of Attent it creat no amount how you abrasion it.

9.of the student who did't Attent the meet?

10.the flammability and the harmfulness generated fire hazard of polymeric material make people increasingly Attent the studying of flame-retarded polymeric.

11.there were abundant sports tourism resouces in china. it was important sustainable strategies of the china tourism industry to Attent and develop sports tourism market.

12.youth always has been Attent by all people and it is the important study object of psychology and politics education.

13.but must Attent the problem of limit, risk and unbalance of leaping over development of productive forces., my god, let, i beseech thee, thine eyes be open, and let thine ears be Attent unto the prayer that is made in this place. this paper, analysing with experiments, we have proved the availability of pvc waterproofing ointment for buildings and have pointed out the Attent on matters of producting and using the product.'s a pity that we can't Attent your daughter's wedding.