Astonishment Sentence Examples | Use Astonishment in a sentence

1.i spotted a shooting star which, to my Astonishment, was bright green in colour

2.i was Astonishment, but i did not request a review because i was tired of the whole thing.

3.she stood up quickly, giving a little cry of Astonishment

4.and straightway the damsel arose, and walked; for she was of the age of twelve years. and they were astonished with a great Astonishment.

5.she is wide-eyed with Astonishment. my Astonishment, the girl came over to me. my utter Astonishment, she said it was because it made her feel stupid.

8.she looked at me in genuine Astonishment. their Astonishment, she resigned.

10."i cannot recover from my Astonishment, " said the learned man. "what does all this mean? " my Astonishment, it disappeared completely.

12.he expected the girl to look at him in blank Astonishment.

13.the cabby opened his mouth in Astonishment, and his wife turned very red.

14.she looked at him with Astonishment.

15.'what?' meg asked in Astonishment.

16.he was filled with Astonishment at seeing the dead body.

17.y son stared at me in Astonishment as if he had forgotten who i was.

18.he stared with Astonishment. my Astonishment it had completely disappeared.

20.i was filled with Astonishment at her strange action.

21.sitting pole-axed on the sofa, mahoney stared in Astonishment at the spectacle before him.

22.the old man, happening in course of time to look that way, at length chanced to see him to his unbounded Astonishment. was but the inquiry of his first confusion and Astonishment, the answer being obvious. his Astonishment, there was a stunning girl in the garden, watering the beautiful flowers.

25.'but, why?' he asked in make-believe Astonishment. our Astonishment, they arrived on time.

27.(stare at him in Astonishment) cheng, you must have fallen in love with heidi.

28.she confessed her Astonishment at her light sentence when her father visited her at the jail. my Astonishment he actually agreed.

30.he looked at us in Astonishment.

31.between Astonishment and despair she hardly knew what to do.

32.both miss stoner and i gazed at him in Astonishment. the Astonishment of his friends, he took off his shoes.

34.the shopkeeper looked at him in Astonishment and then he began laughing. my Astonishment it was dark when i woke up. his no small Astonishment the woman began to laugh.

37.then, to his utter Astonishment, he beheld the figure of a man standing just a few feet away, armed with a bow and arrow. my Astonishment, he succeeded. our Astonishment, he arrived on time.

40.i listened to all this in Astonishment.