Assembled Sentence Examples | Use Assembled in a sentence

1.the supporting structure may be Assembled with bolts or rivets or by welding.

2.the company did not name the offending factories, or say where they were based, but the majority of its goods are Assembled in china.

3.the children were Assembled in hundreds

4.the workers were Assembled in the hall.

5.i Assembled the weapon, checked the firing and recoil mechanism and loaded it.

6.all the six graders Assembled in the school hall.

7.during this unavoidable lapse of time the bridegroom, in proof of his eagerness, was expected to expose himself alone to the gaze of the Assembled company.

8.he was one of the small select group Assembled by penney, at the high explosive research centre.

9.the elastic clip and the elastic clip mechanism have simple structure and low cost, and are easy to be manufactured and Assembled. chief executive, he Assembled a polished stable of celebrities.

11.the pupils Assembled in the school hall.

12.he Assembled the model aircraft bit by bit.

13.once catastrophe happens, wards for infectious disease can be available and medical staff can be Assembled and ready to work immediately.

14.obama is not a one-way president. if he was, he would never have Assembled such a diverse, opinionated cabinet.

15.with the announcement 'paphos has fallen!' a cheer went up from the Assembled soldiers.

16.all jettas are Assembled in mexico. mr. christopher, the volkswagen spokesman, said the company was working hard to improve quality.

17.he has Assembled a team of experts to handle queries

18.the data is Assembled and analyzed using pm tools and other modeling and analysis software.

19.the company has Assembled a team of engineers to work with federal safety officials to pinpoint the cause and work out a solution.

20.Assembled for use; especially by being attached to a support.

21.valves are manufactured and Assembled without exposure to silicone compounds.

22.he Assembled a panel of scholars to advise him dita, the converse approach is possible: a book can be Assembled from a set of dita topics.

24.thousands of people, mainly zulus, Assembled in a stadium in thokoza

25.the four leaders Assembled in paris for a summit meeting.

26.he bowed low to the Assembled crowd. can go for a 'rostrum' system, which sounds flash, but can be Assembled quite cheaply.

28.salesmen in hardware shops Assembled sewing machines in two and a half minutes.

29.the pupils Assembled [ were Assembled] in the school hall. of four basic components of the Assembled bearing. also referred to as the outer race; the cone assembly fits into the cup.

31.the mediation handler is then ready to be Assembled into a deployable artifact (an ear file).

32.process is Assembled and wired using the service and other it components. spring morning a handful of potential investors Assembled in quincy.

34.all of the components will be manufactured, Assembled and glued in italy at an attractive and affordable price.

35.the brookings institution has Assembled a collection of essays from foreign affairs experts.

36.huston had Assembled a remarkably cohesive and sympathetic cast.

37.everyone had already Assembled in the boardroom for the 9:00 a.m. session.

38.the Assembled multitude cheered and whistled as the political leaders arrived.

39.the puppets here are made of various colors of sponge, cut and Assembled. they look just lovely and i was almost about to bring some home.

40.the trophies are all hand made and Assembled.