Assemblage Sentence Examples | Use Assemblage in a sentence

1.there was a brave and conspicuous Assemblage in the dining-saloon of a noted hostelry where fashion loves to display her charms.

2.this paper suggests a model for comprehensive assessing aging damage extent of irrigation project by fuzzy Assemblage theory.

3.a splendid Assemblage ( especially of famous people).

4.a collection of things that have been combined; an Assemblage of separate parts or qualities. systematic study on some categories of biotic fossils discovered in the carboniferous strata of laiwu coal field, the Assemblage of fusulinida and conodont of this area is established.

6.there are those in this Assemblage who know exactly what i'm talking about because they discovered these helpers. Assemblage of parts or details ( as in a work of art) considered as forming a whole.

8.are rank-abundance distributions a useful tool of Assemblage discrimination in tropical moths? was mao, after all, who helped forge modern china out of an Assemblage of rival regions and feuding warlords.

10.authigenic mineral Assemblage formed in different ambients is distinct to each other.

11.faunal Assemblage are directly related to the depositional environment.

12."cheers for edgar poe!" roared the Assemblage, electrified by their president's words.

13.this combination process is called the Assemblage of stiffness matrices.

14.he had an Assemblage of old junk cars filling the backyard.

15.the middle oil-gas reservoir-forming Assemblage is mainly distributed in the second and the third step regions.

16.system: an Assemblage or combination of things ( parts) forming a complex or unitary whole Assemblage of species, or stages of organisms (e. g. eggs or larvae), that cannot be allocated with confidence to nominal genera.

18.more precisely, culture has been defined as the consistent recurrence of an Assemblage limited in time and space.

19.the record section shows an Assemblage of such traces side by side.

20.tropical rainforests have the most varied Assemblage of plants in the world.

21.palynological Assemblage and paleoclimate of the early cretaceous in ningbo basin surprised us that no one seems to have documented this same Assemblage of components, and that they were so readily assembled. can increase model precision through the specification and Assemblage of model constraints.

24.the surface of stratification is a machine Assemblage distinct from the strata.

25.characteristics of the mineral Assemblage and primary homogenization temperatures indicate that the precipitation of fluorite is related to hydrothermal activities in tazhong area.

26.all this, lines and measurable speeds, constitutes an Assemblage. a book is an Assemblage of this kind, and as such is unattributable. Assemblage of people or animals or things collected together.

28.genesis significance of clay mineral Assemblage in the upper paleozoic, in northeastern inner mongolia

29.these changes reflect the effects of burial diagenesis on the originally deposited clay mineral Assemblage.

30.the spores Assemblage of tamugang formation was fist studied in the karamaili area of eastern junggar basin.

31.based on fieldwork, the article uses the method of ethnology and ritual theory, discusses xinjia magic Assemblage structure and it's culture analysis.

32.Assemblage, chemistry and geochemical characteristics of the quartz diorite intrusion show the characteristics of subduction granite.

33.pollen Assemblage changes directed that a semi-desert steppe retreated, whereas, the forests on the surrounding mountain began to increase.

34.there might be relatively long-term stratigraphic unconformities in successive fossil Assemblage zones.

35.i spoke of a common monetary system for that new Assemblage of states.

36.the Assemblage of these disparate elements continue maison martin margiela's foray into a reconstructed image. automatic switching, an Assemblage of fixed contacts used to establish electrical connections.

38.literature is an Assemblage. it has nothing to do with ideology. there is no ideology and never has been. for the main reservoir-caprock Assemblage, the carboniferous volcanic rock is the reservoir while the permian and triassic mudstone is the cap rock.