Assaying Sentence Examples | Use Assaying in a sentence

1.objective to evaluate the quality of the burdock fruit which produced in seven different places by Assaying the content of arctiin in them.

2.the method for Assaying the contents of the main constituents of the frozen maize with da7200 near-infrared spectroscope is presented.

3.significance of screening of gastric cancer by Assaying for serum pepsinogen with immunoturbidimetry of latex-enhanced

4.method: tlc was used to test radix ophzopogonis and flos lonicerae, and Assaying the alcohol extraction, as well as the granule stability.

5.the testing person is doing physics and chemistry Assaying.

6.application value of arterial blood lactate Assaying in the neonatal critical illness

7.Assaying the susceptibility of fluconazole-resistant candida albicans to common antifungal drugs faith they passed through the red sea as by dry land: which the egyptians Assaying to do were drowned.

9.comparison between heat-inactivity method and dry chemistry method on Assaying bone alkaline phosphatase

10.cupel: a porous cup, often made of bone ash, used in Assaying to separate precious metals from base elements such as lead.

11.the method can be used for Assaying of amygdalin in fuctus mume and provided a theoretical base for its quality control.

12.clinical value of serum prealbumin Assaying in the diagnosis of hepatosis

13.objective: to establish phenol-vitriolic colorimetry for the Assaying of polysaccharides in torreya yunnanensis.

14.mtt colorimetry was used for Assaying proliferation of hsc.

15.has no method for Assaying merit.

16.our experiment has provided a reliable protocol for Assaying genetic polymorphisms of goat milk muc1.

17.Assaying these biomarkers in synovia fluid, serum and urine is useful in early diagnosis, detecting disease development, understanding organism response to anti-arthritic drugs.

18.this is the traditional method used in Assaying the content of gold and silver samples.

19.pharmacokinetics of memantine hydrochloride capsule in chinese healthy volunteers hplc Assaying of aconitine in xiaojin capsules

20.effects of incinerating temperatures on Assaying heavy metal elements in fish

21.analysis on the biases of Assaying serum cholesterol and triglyceride by different kinds of detection system

22.second: through asking volume, Assaying middle school geography sustainability of development's condition.

23.hplc Assaying of aconitine in xiaojin capsules

24.a method of detecting candidiasis by Assaying for the presence of enzymatically active aspartic protease in a sample is provided.

25.evaluation on clinical application of bacterial vaginosis rapid Assaying card on Assaying of alkane alcohol in sugarcane wax effective part

27.this type of furnaces is ideal especially for analysis of rare metals and in Assaying and other processes aimed at determination of the contents of are metals in materials.

28.Assaying total flavonoids in cyclocarya paliurus by double-wavelength spectrophotometry on methods of Assaying chlorine dioxide in disinfectants

30.objective to establish a method for Assaying of cyclophosphamide in compound cyclophosphamide capsules .

31.objective to establish the method of Assaying chlorogenic acid in glaucescent fissistigma root with rp-hplc.

32.a method of Assaying a glycated protein in a sample with the use of redox reaction, in which highly reliable measurement can be obtained. to investigate the method for preparation of ribavirin ( virazole) cream and its quality control so as to formulate the way its preparative technology as well as its content Assaying.

34.some researches of gold compensation value on the first time Assaying of assay lead the past, researchers have looked for zinc-finger nuclease errors by Assaying where in the genome the enzymes might bind, and checking to see whether those sequences were broken.

36.small porous bowl made of bone ash used in Assaying to separate precious metals from e.g. lead.

37.cherenkov counting technique for Assaying nuclides

38.comparison of sample preparation methods and equipments for visible gold ore Assaying