Assayed Sentence Examples | Use Assayed in a sentence

1.methods: citrulline concentrations were Assayed in serum samples of the pigs which had underwent combined liver and small bowel transplantations.

2.apoptosis of thymocytes of these mice was Assayed by flow cytometry.

3.plasma lipid, malodiadehyde ( mda) and superoxide dismutase ( sod) were Assayed according to kit manu.

4.the content of collagen protein in lung tissue and malondialdehyde(mda) in plasma were Assayed by biochemical methods.

5.time-related concentration changes of non-protein nitrogen(npn) and free amino acid(faa) in duck breast meat during processing were Assayed.

6.the changes of morphology of the bone marrow stromal cells were Assayed by light microscope and electron microscope, respectively. elucidate the softening mechanism of banana fruit,β-d-xylosidase activities in peel and flesh, fruit firmness, respiration rate and ethylene release rate were Assayed during banana softening.

8.then the learning and memory power of the rat was Assayed by using water maze test.

9.reporter genes are generally used when the gene of operon under investigation does not encode an easily Assayed products. addition, we have our products independently Assayed.

11.protein in fermented broth was precipitated with ammonium sulfate and the active part was Assayed by sds-page.

12.the characteristics of treated cells were Assayed by immunocytochemistry staining analysis.

13.the infectivity and other properties of viruses can be Assayed by several methods.

14.methods the swabs in828 cases of male infertile patients were Assayed with mycoplasma culture and drug sensitivity test.

15.we've gotta get this Assayed.

16.subsequently, the paper in depth Assayed the advantages and the performance of the logistics resource aggregation.

17.methods samples were Assayed by acetylene-air flame aas using releasing agent lanthanum chloride.

18.the somatotropic effect of our purified hormone, when Assayed in hypophysectomized rats by the tibia test, was1.84.

19.the nos expression of vec were Assayed by histochemistry method and image analysis system.

20.objective: the effect of waste batteries leaching on the seedling growth and volatile constituents in leaves of schizonepeta tenuifolia was Assayed.

21.note: for wbc and plt, this requirement can be met with Assayed liquid control material, a previously Assayed patient sample, or comparison with a visual blood film concentration estimate.

22.methods serum sodium concentrations of the lipemic or icteric samples were Assayed based on enzymatic method and the results were compared with those obtained by direct ion-selective electrodes ( ise).

23.Assayed the situation before taking action.

24.the herbicidal activity of the compound was Assayed by sop method.

25.polysaccharide was Assayed by improved phenol-sulfuric acid method, referred to the grape sugar, and determined the polysaccharide by ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

26.comparison of the measure values of blood ions Assayed by blood-gas analysis and biochemistry method

27.the content of brain water was Assayed by weighing method. contents of protein and glycogen in a.craccivora of different stages were also Assayed.

29.the activity of ldh in coronary effluent volume was Assayed with ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

30.t-lymphocytes immune function of ifn-gamma production from tuberculous pleural effusions Assayed by elispot

31.finally, the biological activity of thes proteins to brain neuron cell of fetal rat were Assayed by mean of cell biology method. this experiment, the content of protein was Assayed by biuret method and kjeldahl determination.

33.the cytotoxicity of the serum of mice infected with t.spiralis against l929 tumor cells was Assayed. order to investigate its antibacterial action, the effects of protamine on succinate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase in cells of aspergillus niger were Assayed. using pnpp as substrate, the subcellular distribution of calcineurin ( can) activity was Assayed in the supercentrifuged compartments in developing and adult rat cerebral cortex.

36.methods selected 408 healthy children and measured the scale of their iq, character, temperament, morality and Assayed their correlation.

37.noise level on a detector during the method development phase may be different when samples are Assayed on different detectors, etc.

38.bacteriophages are also Assayed by a plague assay method based on similar principles. content and nos activity were Assayed with benzidine fluorescence spectrophotometry.

40.ltt was Assayed by 3 h-tdr incorporation method.