Assay Sentence Examples | Use Assay in a sentence

1.inhibition on cells proliferation and effective concentrations of cpt are measured by mtt Assay.

2.the levels of serum insulin and c-peptide were measured with immunoradiometric Assay method.

3.the diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy of combined detection were higher than that of single Assay.

4.of patient with cancer could be identified by this Assay with a false- positive error rate of less than 5% .

5.methods cell growth rate was determined with mtt Assay.

6.the cell cycle distribution and apoptotic rate were measured using flow cytometry Assay.

7.igm antibody capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay ( elisa);

8.objective to establish an Assay method for paracetamol in tainuo tablets by hplc.

9.conclusion the turbidimetric kinetic Assay can be used to determine the content of bacterial endotoxin of this mixture.

10.reagents in the kit have been carefully formulated and optimized for sensitivity, Assay robustness and automation.

11.the progress for pectinase molecular biology promoted the development of its purification and Assay methods.

12.methods cell cycle and apoptosis of the cells were determined by mtt Assay, morphology, and flow cytometry.

13.methods detecting sfgr dna sequence fragment in spleen of rodents and ticks by pcr Assay.

14.meanwhile, quickly obtaining accurate exploration Assay data to guide operations is one of your biggest obstacles to high productivity. address this question, we developed an in vitro Assay system to evaluate the molecular mechanism of amelogenesis.

16.methods using immune iso electric focusing and nephelometry immuno Assay.

17.objective: to Assay the transcriptional activation effect of prohibitin in yeast two hybrid system.

18.this Assay summarized the research and literature of new-style bioflocculant in the latest two years.

19.methods enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay ( elisa) was used.

20.the search for a useful clinical laboratory diagnostic Assay for the antiplatelet antibodies has been long and difficult.

21.the standard curve and performance characteristics of the Assay are also provided in the report.

22.comet Assay detects dna single-strand breaks of single cell.

23.tlc was used in qualitative identification of total tannin of geranium granules, -and edta titration was used for Assay of total tannin.

24.carcinoembryonic antigen ( cea) Assay: a test that measures the level of cea in the blood. h7n1 lethal challenge Assay, ha+m2-vaccinated and m2-vaccinated induced 10% protection and the control groups were all killed in a week.

26.this study has developed a fluorescence chromatographic Assay for the quantification of total cholesterol in serum.

27.nevertheless, ima currently remains the only ischemia Assay to have reached the clinical validation stage.

28.this method has been successful used for the determination of these analyses in real samples, and the Assay results were satisfactory.

29.the liquid, ready-to-use reagent features total imprecision of less than 8% of the coefficient of variation (cv) across the Assay range.

30.objective: to set up a real-time fluorescent quantitative pcr Assay for rapid detection of norovirus(nv) rna in acute gastroenteritis. Assay of desmosine ( des) in elastin hydrolysate was performed by hplc.

32.objective to study synthetic method, technology, structure and the Assay of zinc norfloxacine contents.

33.we used an antibody-virus interaction Assay to analyze the interaction of the antisera and hcv viral particles in vitro.

34.a highly sensitive Assay using platelets has been developed for the detection of antibodies against hpas.

35.objective to establish pcr Assay of porcine parvovirus detection in trypsin.

36.we evaluated a sensitive troponin i Assay for the early diagnosis and risk stratification of myocardial infarction.

37.the Assay methods of lipase activity were studied in this paper.

38.neutron measurement technology is one of important non-destructive Assay methods in nuclear safeguards field.

39.the present invention comprises an immunochemical Assay for determination of at least two antigens in a sample.