Arraying Sentence Examples | Use Arraying in a sentence

1.Arraying your java application program by use of java web start

2.the course Arraying problem has been proved to be an np-complete type optimizational problem.

3.a discharging mechanism located at a downstream side of the Arraying mechanism and discharging the arrayed bolts;

4.the target threat evaluating and Arraying model of city air defense was established based on madm.

5.display design refers to Arraying and demonstrating specific objects followed by particular theme and target.

6.the military commander often concurrently acted as paizhenshi, or military commander was directly responsible for battle Arraying, all this making paizhenshi lose the value of its existence.

7.with the help of strength tester, fiber cutting machine and Arraying the fiber according to length by hand, the influence of alkali concentration on properties of flax tow is studied.

8.finally the feature of leaf Arraying form, the number of leaf division and the degree of leaf division were extracted. is mainly composed of collecting rope mechanism and Arraying rope mechanism two parts. on the quantity and Arraying of the reinforcement bars in the prestressed lightweight-high strength concrete platform

11.tentative analysis on the basics and generals laws of Arraying the coordinate points in the large-sized group gymnastics formation is possible that the miniaturization, Arraying, low-cost and precise control of the optical devices are realized by the cooperation between microfluidic technology and optical devices.

13.Arraying the single component and array component are the main applied technology. this paper, the Arraying method is brought forward for studying the distribution law of acceleration field about the high g array acceleration sensor according to it, the distribution law of non linear is gained by experiment

15.opposition parties are meanwhile Arraying themselves as beacons of moderation.

16.wherein the Arraying mechanism for Arraying the bolts includes a pre-guiding member, a guide rail and a brush;

17.research on ccd butting technology design of work table for Arraying ccd

18.have your chariots and cavalry go into the crow and cloud formation, Arraying them against their front and rear.

19.cad system of Arraying machines in workshops of cotton spinning mills is developed, the adequate conditions and the whole design of the system are introduced.

20.besides owning the character the general automatic sealing and cutting machine, this product has the function of automatic Arraying in-line. Arraying mechanism for Arraying the bolts conveyed by the conveying mechanism;

22.a method of Arraying self-scanning light-emitting element array chips is provided, in which it is possible to remove defective chips completely.

23.under Arraying rope pillar function, two pieces of pulley block circles pillar to do left, right nimble swinging, which cause rope winds in regular arrangement.

24.the method of phase wandering correction of sumple algorithm is generalized to non-uniform antenna Arraying.

25.america's tmd Arraying in east asia hides trouble for east asia and china in stability and security.

26.research on bus time table Arraying algorithm in intelligent transportation scheduling her mother still kept beckoning to her, and Arraying her face in a holiday suit of unaccustomed smiles, the child stamped her foot with a yet more imperious look and gesture.

28.course Arraying system based on dynamic programming and simulated annealing algorithm

29.application of topsis for Arraying the air-defense operation deployment schemes

30.dough auto-Arraying machine

31.making use of multiple receivers, antennas Arraying would bring a certain combining snr gain.

32.cad system on Arraying machines in workshops of cotton spinning mills

33.algorithm of completely Arraying and program designing