Arian Sentence Examples | Use Arian in a sentence

1.this explains why some Arians do not appear Arian. and, of course.

2.ernest and Arian, they were able to show you they were rare? like, every day?

3.i am very proud to say that i share my birthday with rafa and maybe its an Arian thing, but i share in his passion to do things properly and leave no stone unturned in getting the job done.

4.though an Arian, theodoric was on good terms with the church until his last years.

5.the purpose was dear, to deny Arian ism and to assert that, in spite of the intellectual difficulties involved, jesus was not a creature or a demigod but god.

6.thus we acknowledge his divinity, which is that of the father, and we worship his incarnated presence, even if the Arian fanatics burst.

7.Arian stolwijk, member of the mootools team, and i have recently rewritten the mootools spec engine which is our unit testing library. for the most impious Arian fanatics, let them not think that the word is a creature because his body is created.

9.Arian's doing a lot of talking for both of you. - you think he did the math all by himself?

10.the irish-born singer will perform with iranian band Arian.

11.1 case was misdiagnosed intussusception, 2 cases were misdiagnosed ov Arian tumor and1 case was misdiagnosed pelvic tumor preoperatively.

12.we are not alone anymore. telescopic studies of the planet Arian have confirmed alien life form at 4 locations on the planet.