Arenas Sentence Examples | Use Arenas in a sentence the sports Arenas, the olympic spirit may be equally lacking.

2.perhaps more telling is what is happening in Arenas that are usually controlled by the powers that be. recent years for certain, the agenda of the debate has been set not from within academia, but in the mass media and in various political Arenas. as much as you can about those fields and reach out to personal contacts in those Arenas for informational interviews.

5.use the powerful map editor to create your own vicious Arenas of death, save your creations and then duke it out with your friends!

6.from farm fields and country lanes to ancient Arenas and modern racetracks, horse racing is one of humankind's most ancient sports.

7.jumping and throwing have different competing Arenas.

8.i've heard there are different types of Arenas, what is the difference?

9.tim cook applies this apple notion of elegance and excellence to these new Arenas.

10.are there areas of privacy in the most public of Arenas? is currently the primary language used on the world wide web, in the political and business Arenas.

12.olympic Arenas have been built for swimming and gymnastics.

13.women in china have been enjoying increasing independence and respect in the economic and political Arenas as well as their family households, xinhua reported.

14.that should give hunters some more mana in Arenas in particular when dealing with opponents who manage to get out of los a lot.

15.b: besides the competition hall, there are six Arenas for training.

16.he often talked the talk but he was also capable of walking the walk& unlike gilbert Arenas.

17.but adidas also sees growth potential in other Arenas. had to mean a lot to his teammates to see lebron play a jordanesque mind game on Arenas.

19.but we can either succeed in the breathtaking Arenas that are now open to us or we can spend our days competing with fashion models and movie stars.

20.our hero stormed out of the room with a newfound determination, ranting to anyone who might be listening in the Arenas empty hallways.! Arenas two3pts in a row! sorry. i have to say amazing game by Arenas.

22.hi, i'm gilbert Arenas and this is my story.

23.very strange, tainan seems to produce a lot of prides of taiwan in the literary, art and sporting Arenas lately?

24.the stadiums and Arenas will overflow with politicians, bureaucrats and corporate sponsors.

25.other young chinese smartphone start-ups are already having modest success in those Arenas.

26.gilbert Arenas finished it with a baseline jam.

27.the Arenas and stadiums rio built for the pa am games were especially impressive., he still tours russian cities annually, playing before packed houses in stadium-size Arenas.

29.mcgrady arrived in qingdao in october while Arenas signed with the shanghai sharks earlier this month.

30.the new kid on the block is called gustavo Arenas and the chap has been with amd for a few years now.

31.rock star mode: start out in a garage and work your way up to filling the biggest Arenas with fans! factions and discord within our political and business Arenas hold us back from becoming even greater than we are now? co-owner of the sharks, however, he's helping pay Arenas's salary.

34.brands plaster their logos on Arenas and extreme sports gear.

35.a looming question is whether a restrictive chinese government might clamp down on its ability to cover stories away from the sports Arenas.

36.prices declined in other Arenas, including hotel charges, apparel and cars.

37.with changes due to wto, the coming world cup and olympics and developments in many other Arenas, china is entering an exciting and challenging phase of internationalizing.

38.this isn't a non-issue just because it doesn't affect Arenas.

39.Arenas - players will no longer be able to see their opponents in the combat log of an arena match-up before the game starts.