Arbitrated Sentence Examples | Use Arbitrated in a sentence

1.fibre channel Arbitrated loop is the most widely accepted standard of fibre channel.

2.simple labor dispute cases may be Arbitrated solely by an arbitrator.

3.based on the background more and more kinds of disputes can be Arbitrated now, the study of arbitrability of personal property disputes with foreign elements is necessary.

4.disputes arising in competitive sports activities shall be mediated and Arbitrated by sports arbitration institutions.

5.bandwidth allocation of Arbitrated loop of fibre channel is made to serve the purpose of real time transmission through the internet. memberships are Arbitrated using a protocol that allows local hosts on the wan to join and leave these groups.

7.the works which are received after deadline wont be Arbitrated and will be saved for the next contest.

8.analysis and realization of storage area network based on fibre channel Arbitrated loop

9.article 35 where the parties have agreed on the place of arbitration, the case shall be Arbitrated in that place.

10.a: does the dispute have to be Arbitrated by chinese arbitration authorities? an impartial board must be established to help settle disagreements between divisions over transfer prices.

11.we have also proposed an Arbitrated quantum signature scheme using the properties of quantum entanglement, compared with the current scheme it is more efficient, further more the private information of the participants was also protected.

12.fibre channel is a kind of high speed serial protocol supporting scsi 3. with fibre channel Arbitrated loop topology.

13.when deciding on where the case should be Arbitrated, the first choice should be final.

14.a general suretyship allows the surety to refuse to undertake suretyship liability towards the creditor before a dispute over the principal contract is tried or Arbitrated and the obligations are not enforceable even after the debtor's assets have been seized according to law.

15.iffailed, should submit to china related economic contract Arbitrated bureautomediateor arbitrate. the effect of social structure, cultural tradition, lawsuits benefits and so on, quite a few civil property disputes in song dynasty were solved by civilian mediation. but officials Arbitrated and ended the other lawsuits.

17.simple labor-dispute cases may be Arbitrated solely by one arbitrator.

18.analysis of Arbitrated authentication schemes with multi-sender

19.the judge Arbitrated a disagreement between workers and management. up deciding organization: the preliminary study of disputed cases between college entrance examination and college entrance enrollment; where the matter to be Arbitrated falls outside the scope of the arbitration agreement or the jurisdiction of the arbitration agency.

21.since the case of circular welded carbon quality steel pipe in 2007, in august 2011, america has aroused fifteen anti-subsidy investigations towards chinese steel products, at present twelve cases, among which two have been conduced final negative award, have been finally Arbitrated. data can be transferred on an Arbitrated loop until a lip is complete.

23.the fibre channel architecture also defines three network design topologies: point to point, Arbitrated loop and switched fabric.

24.the simulation results show that, in contrast with Arbitrated loops, the improved Arbitrated loops protocol improves average packet latency. it is especially applicable to the real time systems networks applications that require delay strictly.

25.any dispute during the implementation of this contract will be Arbitrated by arbitration committee.

26.with a bintree for parallel filtration, the circuit can get Arbitrated result rapidly.

27.fibre channel Arbitrated loop is a good technology to realize storage area network. which are against regulations or have no entry form (coming soon) wont be Arbitrated. contains four essential component: flexible gist, Arbitrated by non-judge third party, informal concise procedure, not disposed openly. 4.

30.a fibre channel relay loop was developed to improve the efficiency and latency assurance of fibre channel Arbitrated loops.

31.the Arbitrated module is used to control the state of affairs of reading or writing the same storage cell of sram with double ports.

32.the shared devices ( sdram and ad) are fast Arbitrated in hardware and the shared devices 'access conflicts are resolved, so the continuous data acquisition is realized.

33.this law is formulated in order to ensure that economic disputes shall be impartially and promptly Arbitrated, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the relevant parties and to guarantee the healthy development of the socialist market economy.