Appalachian Sentence Examples | Use Appalachian in a sentence

1.he has recently edited and introduced a new edition of louise mcneill's classic Appalachian poetry collection paradox hill ( west virginia university press, 2009). is called simply the mountain state for the ancient Appalachian mountains.

3.the leaves of Appalachian october are one of the stunning natural assets of north america.

4.a member of an iroquoian people formerly living in the Appalachian mountains but now chiefly in oklahoma.

5.a sign announced that this was no ordinary footpath but the celebrated Appalachian trail.

6.traffic was halted along interstate 68 in frostburg, maryland on tuesday. wet snow and high winds spinning off the edge of superstorm sandy spread blizzard conditions over parts of west virginia and neighboring Appalachian states. impoverished coal mining area in the Appalachian mountains ( from pennsylvania to north carolina).

8.Appalachian mountains are an important mountain range in eastern north america.

9.before leaving for home, my friend and i packed up and set out for a five day trip to the white mountains in new hampshire, though which lies the celebrated Appalachian trail.

10.this does not alter the fact that the Appalachian mountains are high ground, fertile ground, and free from volcanic activity.

11.steve ember: the difficulty of traveling through the Appalachian mountains had kept many people from going west.

12.less durable rocks were gradually worn away to form valleys; the perdurable granite of the ancient Appalachian spine of the continent.

13.these too are kept and repaired by people who love the Appalachian trail.

14.he lives with his wife, karla, and their year-old son, lucas, in a small blue-and-yellow house in the middle of a stunningly picturesque Appalachian valley.

15.when territories west of the Appalachian mountains were admitted to the union as states, they first wrote a state constitution.

16.a river in the east central united states; rises in the Appalachian mountains of west virginia and flows eastward to the chesapeake bay. the general election he did worse than michael dukakis in the Appalachian states of kentucky and west virginia.

18.the Appalachian mountainsdivide the eastern seaboard from the great lakesand the grasslands of the midwest.

19.a few months ago over the summer, i was sitting in a hiker shelter watching dusk slowly creep over the Appalachian wilderness.

20.when i read about "a walk in the woods" along the Appalachian trail, i enter a world different from my own.

21.i was born in burdine, kentucky, in the heart of Appalachian coal-mining country. can be a week between towns on the Appalachian trail, so travellers need a week's worth of food as well as extra water.

23.only one american city offers one-gigabit internet connections to every resident, and it is not tech-savvy san francisco or university-laden boston, but chattanooga, tennessee's fourth-largest city, nestled in the Appalachian foothills.

24.rebecca wade, graduated from Appalachian state university, is a veteran teacher of shsid, teaching english, social study, science and music. a native son of the mountain state, i'm partial to the photographic wonders of this piece of Appalachian heaven.

26.the british proclamation of 1763 designated the region between the Appalachian mountains and the mississippi river as indian territory.

27.and the ohio, a branch of the mississippi that flows west from the Appalachian mountains.

28.huge fields of gas shale are believed to lie under the Appalachian mountains, michigan and the south-central states.

29.a striking new species of lungless salamander has been found living in a small stream in the Appalachian foothills of the us. had the natural advantage of a comparatively level route between the hudson river and lake erie, through the only break in the entire Appalachian mountain chain. orleans was already important for shipping agricultural goods to and from the parts of the united states west of the Appalachian mountains.

32.for the settlers starting out from the atlantic coast in the late18th and early19th century, everything west of the Appalachian mountains was considered "the west". was an important part of her Appalachian family's life.

34.when territories west of the Appalachian mountains were admitted to the union as states, they first wrote a state constitution .

35.this was the first step towards making the vision of the Appalachian trail a reality.

36.appalachia: a region of the eastern united states including the Appalachian mountains.

37.mining remains dangerous work, as the disasters that seem to befall small Appalachian towns every few years attest.

38.the pressure of the collision between north america and africa gave rise to the Appalachian mountains.