Apotheosis Sentence Examples | Use Apotheosis in a sentence

1.of course someone else might argue that a box of fine swiss milk chocolates is the Apotheosis of the art of chocolate.

2.her acting career achieved its Apotheosis in that film.

3.xie lingyun had a great achievement in his poetic language innovation and was hailed as an Apotheosis.

4.the oriental in bangkok is the Apotheosis of the grand hotel.

5.there is an primal gene of Apotheosis of life in ancient chinese comedies, but it was chronically oppressed and contorted by feudal orthodox culture.

6.the legends of king arthur represent the Apotheosis of chivalry.

7.the new house is the Apotheosis of a dream for him.

8.the Apotheosis of every building unit leads to the loss of neighborhood culture.

9.it takes scarcely three generations for the Apotheosis.

10.the later is largely embodied in the symbols of Apotheosis, taoism and two pictures named after taiji and the land of country.

11.edwin way teale's wandering through winterwinter is not only an Apotheosis of contemporary american nature prose but also a pioneer work in contemporary ecological trend of thoughts.

12.he's the Apotheosis of athletes.

13.at the moment, the chinese scholars' studies on the belief of law are actually the Apotheosis of the law.

14.he was an Apotheosis of chivalry.

15.this, however, is but the prelude to his Apotheosis: a set of emissaries are dispatched among the people to cry up his piety, gravity, and love of raw flesh;

16.he was the Apotheosis of generosity.

17.an Apotheosis can be defined as the exaltation of a subject to divine level.

18.however, as the Apotheosis of the oriental fine art system, the chinese painting was not re.

19.one of the large paintings showed the Apotheosis of the emperor trajan.

20.mr. dang and his wife, zhang fengxia, 52, are the Apotheosis of chinese thrift.

21.this scene may represent the Apotheosis or the dead princess.

22.he was the Apotheosis of integrity.

23.that night was richard's Apotheosis.

24.after just a year as leader of the opposition, it is a little early for Apotheosis.

25.cooperative learning: Apotheosis of postgraduate's academic salons

26.that thinking it a Apotheosis as benignancy of tang's annihilating xia, was purely the confucian fudge.

27.qing dynasty paid more attention to the legislation of mongolia, the quantity and quality of legislation are all Apotheosis of natiomal legislation in the history.

28.cello concerto gadameilin is a large work of Apotheosis meaning in chinese cello music creation.

29.his blinded eyes see an internal vision, glowing beauty, a kind of'beatific vision'which culminates in his final Apotheosis.

30.their leader was the Apotheosis of courage.

31.pilgrimage to the west has made up a world of deity and monster, and monkey king is an artistic model of "reality from fantasy" created by the writer from the conjunction of Apotheosis and humanity.

32.and i think, in some kind of way, they reached their Apotheosis in'revenge of the sith.

33.advance managing mode and professional technicians make the enterprise the Apotheosis in the industry.

34.the Apotheosis sends therefore a clear message: george washington is the american christ.

35.it was one of the mightiest achievements of the potent combination of big government and big science; in many ways the Apotheosis of the post-war american political consensus.

36.in particular, the rational "personal Apotheosis" is worth further study, for it again makes studies on lu xun trapped in a bad dilemma.

37.the name comes from this beautiful section of the Apotheosis of the beautiful legends.

38.he seemed the Apotheosis of generosity.