Apothecaries Sentence Examples | Use Apothecaries in a sentence

1.they were gatekeepers, jail keepers, sextons, journalists, printers, Apothecaries, midwives, nurses, and teachers.

2.next unto him also repaired hananiah the son of one of the Apothecaries, and they fortified jerusalem unto the broad wall.

3.it was first used as a treatment for dysentery by Apothecaries, then as a luxury drink, the juice mixed with snow.

4.at the end of the19th century in china, amateur fossil hunters knew that a ready supply of fossils could be found in backstreet chinese Apothecaries.

5.the alchemists who worked in these Apothecaries suffered a considerable risk to their health, working so invariably close to poisonous substances.

6.that was the name Apothecaries gave to the activity of collecting plants that time and tradition had shown possessed useful medical properties.

7.the most adr cases were reported by physicians ( 80.00%) and Apothecaries ( 17.14%).

8.what very rare animal matter crosses the seas before finishing in the hands of Apothecaries?

9.the importance of certified Apothecaries' function is being attributed to the particularity of above mentioned.

10.the most adr cases were reported by physicians(80. 00%) and Apothecaries(17. 14%).