Apostrophe Sentence Examples | Use Apostrophe in a sentence

1.the number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an Apostrophe.

2.each of these corporate giants has adopted a trend to "simplify" its corporate logo by dropping the Apostrophe.

3.as a kind of figure of speech, Apostrophe often appears in poetry in the form of vision or personification.

4.'it's' ( with an Apostrophe) should be used only as a contraction for 'it is'.

5.the word is broken at the Apostrophe; otherwise, the letters following the Apostrophe are trimmed.

6.there should be an Apostrophe here, and look, you've missed out the word 'men' altogether!

7.to create an actual Apostrophe, put two single quote marks side-by-side('') to produce one quote mark in your output.

8.while this is not to say that the Apostrophe should be renounced, there is plenty of evidence that it is on the way out.

9.shoppers passing by don't think: i'm not going to buy them because the Apostrophe is misplaced.

10.they're too farting busy sneering at a greengrocer's less than perfect use of the Apostrophe.

11.on the old woman's knee was a large drop of blood shaped like an Apostrophe.

12.there should be no Apostrophe because what you mean is that the decision belongs to the group.

13.if the sentence is correct, you need the Apostrophe. otherwise leave it out.

14.perhaps in the broader world, you might find years that have two or four digits and might even contain an Apostrophe, as in'09.

15.but, contrary to what defenders of the Apostrophe imagine, its status has long been moot.

16.he said that people should stop worrying about "text message speak" creeping into general usage and called for the Apostrophe to be abolished.

17.if the english language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an Apostrophe with fur.

18.answer these questions, using the words in parentheses. put the Apostrophe in the right place.

19.to ensure that an entry that looks like a date is interpreted as text, type an Apostrophe at the beginning of the entry.

20.Apostrophe sign of omission of letter or to show possessive .

21.Apostrophe: sign of omission of letter or to show possessive.

22.initially the Apostrophe was used to signify the omission of a sound. gradually it came to signify possession.

23.it was so nerve wracking . my hands started to shake. i couldn't get my Apostrophe, " she said. "

24.as to an abstract and inanimate entity, Apostrophe can personify them and make the images of poetry vivid and charming.

25.to add a comment to a statement in these files, type a comment after an Apostrophe ( ').

26.each Apostrophe ( ') should be preceded with a backslash.

27.in a string sort , the hyphen and the Apostrophe, as well as other non alphanumeric symbols, come before alphanumeric characters .

28.for example, users may need to enter a single quote ( or Apostrophe) as part of a person's name.

29.i put that word on the page, but he added the Apostrophe.