Apostolate Sentence Examples | Use Apostolate in a sentence

1.some have proposed that the pastoral council accomplishes the task of the lay Apostolate.

2.paul and his Apostolate, and also concerning the formation of the great churches to which st.

3.under him, a change of rule was made to facilitate a more active Apostolate.

4.in his fall is left a warning that even the great grace of the Apostolate and the familiar friendship of jesus may be of no avail to one who is unfaithful.

5.world catholic federation for the biblical Apostolate;

6.ufer; international movement for the Apostolate of children;

7.world catholic federation for the biblical Apostolate ;

8.the chief Apostolate of the order is educational.

9.the moving crib at st martin Apostolate on parnell square will reopen on december27th.

10.but it is more accurate to say that it participates in the pastor's Apostolate. they assist him in the work of pastoral planning.

11.we were then raised to the summit of the highest Apostolate by the favour of the divine mercy.

12.as you can see, the pastoral council then is the place where lay people officially participate in the pastor's Apostolate as planners.