Apostle Sentence Examples | Use Apostle in a sentence

1.i asked,'will i be one of them, o allah's Apostle?

2.he is an Apostle of temperance.

3."this seems to confirm the unanimous and uncontested tradition that they are the mortal remains of the Apostle paul, " benedict said.

4.here the Apostle peter affirms his belief that the scriptures are 'inspired'.

5.am i not an Apostle?

6.inasmuch as i am the Apostle to the gentiles, i make much of my ministry.

7.she cuts her hair short, she dresses like a man, she actually becomes an Apostle.

8.and how found you that godly man, the Apostle eliot?

9.why do we think peter, the actual Apostle, didn't write it?

10.because he thinks he's an Apostle and he's not one of the twelve.

11.so he's kind of mixing these words& Apostle and prophet.

12.even though i may not be an Apostle to others, surely i am to you! for you are the seal of my Apostleship in the lord.

13.although he was an Apostle, he worked hard with his hands as a tentmaker , so that he did not become a burden on those to whom he preached.

14.paul sees himself as the Apostle to the gentiles, as peter was the Apostle to the jews.

15.yes, it is possible; and the Apostle paul knew it.

16.how wide is this assertion of the Apostle paul!

17.he says that the ebionites claimed that the Apostle peter had been a vegetarian and had ordered his followers to abstain from eating meat.

18.rom.1:1 paul, a slave of christ jesus, a called Apostle, separated unto the gospel of god.

19.these chapters largely focus on the Apostle paul, the church's first great missionary.

20.allah's Apostle and the people dismounted and dispersed to rest in the shade of the trees.

21.he got one Apostle to say he did not even know christ.

22.though paul was an Apostle chosen personally by jesus christ himself, yet he is not inflated by such a position.

23.below is luther's explanation of the2nd article of the Apostle's creed.

24.can you say that with the Apostle paul?

25.john was the brother of james, the first Apostle to be martyred. they were fishermen from the sea of galilee.

26.although i may not be an Apostle for others, at least i am one for you. you are, in the lord, evidence of my Apostleship.

27.lord make me your Apostle and send me out in your service today.

28.he and his brother john (see st. john the Apostle) were fishermen on the sea of galilee and were among the first disciples to be called.

29.what was paul's authority as an Apostle?

30.and of this gospel i was appointed a herald and an Apostle and a teacher.

31.her mother was a dedicated Apostle of healthy eating.

32.focus on your purpose - even when the Apostle paul was isolated in a prison, he never stopped living out his purpose.

33.it is good for us to reflect seriously upon the Apostle's exhortation to the hebrews today.

34.the Apostle teaches clearly that unless we remain truly separate in christ we will lose our salvation.

35.without barnabas ( son of encouragement), a levite from cyprus, a prophet and Apostle, we might not have had paul's ministry.

36.it covers what the Apostle john saw in a vision on the island of patmos.

37.the holy spirit inspired the Apostle paul to write this letter for believers of all time.

38.the Apostle's creed is one such declaration of faith.

39.and in my faith, i am called Apostle, not reverend.

40.cuba, what would have become of you had you let your Apostle die?