Apostasy Sentence Examples | Use Apostasy in a sentence

1.his only punishment for his Apostasy.

2.but many left-wing friends never forgave his Apostasy , doubtless reinforcing his inclination to keep the outside world at a safe distance.

3.it is also generally thought that he created the warp storm known as the storm of the emperor's wrath during the age of Apostasy .

4.but fatwas of Apostasy and heresy as well as kufr within the muslim ummah are neither few nor far in between.

5.first, the repeated theme of constancy and betrayal in his love poetry has showed the unavoidable shadow in his psyche left by his Apostasy.

6.for Apostasy from god and his law cannot be the key to wisdom.

7.in what ways did god punish israel's Apostasy?

8.while most of their fellow hebrews were already knee-deep in compromise and Apostasy, these hebrew boys stood firm and would not compromise.

9.malik said, "the key issue is of Apostasy, " referring to when a person leaves a faith.

10.and the punishment for Apostasy is death.

11.it is a story of faithfulness amid Apostasy and persecution.

12.in those days Apostasy was punishable by death.

13.so-called cloud gaming involves a kind of Apostasy.

14.they are not being taught to keep themselves pure from Apostasy and heresy.

15.i will heal their Apostasy; i will love them freely; for my anger has turned away from him.

16.the nominal conversion of the roman emperor constantine the great to christianity indeed led to compromise and Apostasy .

17.subsequently, he has become a pet guru of silicon valley, precisely by preaching Apostasy in the land of shiny gadgets: just pull the plug.

18.the Apostasy, complete though it was, formed merely the prelude to an event of much greater significance.

19.likewise, they brand any attempt to leave islam, whatever the circumstances, as a form of Apostasy, punishable by death.

20.but many left-wing friends never forgave his Apostasy, doubtless reinforcing his inclination to keep the outside world at a safe distance.

21.this scenario is in conflict with dispensationalism that sees the current age ending, not in revival, but Apostasy.