Aporia Sentence Examples | Use Aporia in a sentence

1.the concept is one of death, which, in the Aporia of time, addresses how death composes the boundary of being or Aporia.

2.that is to say, Aporia is directed to the boundary, without passage or step, displacement or substitution.

3.i should mention before going any further, any further on, that i say Aporia without knowing what it means.

4.as research on jsp has academic and practical significance, it is hot spot all along, and also, Aporia. at present the research on jsp is focused on modern intelligent algorithms and their improved hybrid algorithms to get approximation solutions.

5.hence, the Aporia of aesthetic myth writing derived from gnosticism's dualism, which was represented in western aesthetic history of prometheus myth writings.

6.derrida's later thoughts had an ethical turn. the concept of "Aporia" is the theme discussed both ethically and philosophically.

7.nevertheless, the narrative theory cannot solve all Aporias of time, moreover, it generates new Aporias of which the most difficult is the Aporia of narrative identity.

8.Aporia of assembling the rotary liftout attachment in the tailstock of nc spinning machine

9.the Aporia of postmodern living& nostalgia in lolita

10.a new subspecies of Aporia potanini alpheraky from china(lepidoptera, pieridae)

11.we are looking at a problem and trying to solve it and it seems there is a deadend, an Aporia.

12.writing is riot only the key point and Aporia of english learning but of english teaching.

13.we are looking at a problem and trying to solve it and it seems there is a deadend, an " Aporia " .