Apoplexy Sentence Examples | Use Apoplexy in a sentence

1.acute management of pituitary Apoplexy: surgery or conservative management?

2.wait for his wife when warsaw, joseph already is hit by Apoplexy being able to not have spoken.

3.objective: to probe the relativity of acute Apoplexy of yang syndrome and plasm cholecystokinin ( cck).

4.cerebral Apoplexy can be avoided by means of long-term treatment for danger factors.

5.pituitary Apoplexy pituitary adenoma vision transsphenoidal surgery;

6.pituitary Apoplexy is a syndrome in which clinical symptoms worsen due to bleed-ing in thc pituitary adenoma.

7.conclusions controlling hypertension and intervening their living behavior and food habits, could reduce the incidence of Apoplexy.

8.the abnormal rate of electrocardiograms for hemorrhagic cerebral Apoplexy was 86. 49%, and that of ischemic cerebral Apoplexy was 72. 15%.

9.conclusion the treatment of octreotide for acute cerebral Apoplexy combined with upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage is very effective.

10.this article analysed the clinical manifestations and endocrinological changes after pituitary Apoplexy in 8 fulminant acromegalic patients.

11.evaluation on application of speech therapy for cerebral Apoplexy patients complicated with language disorders

12.study on influence of psychological-social intervention on rehabilitation of patients with cerebral Apoplexy

13.methods: to examine the quantization diagnose about the Apoplexy's symptoms of the reconvalescent of ci of320 cases.

14.Apoplexy is no longer to be feared, but phthisis is there.

15.when their day i stops to pass the night, grandfather is hit by Apoplexy abruptly having died.

16.he has already caused Apoplexy with his books on class and on war.

17.the clinical presentations of brain tumor Apoplexy were intracerebral hematomas, intraventrical hemorrhage, subdural hematomas and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

18.objective to observe the therapeutic effect of tongsaimai tablet on acute ischemic Apoplexy and its mechanism.

19.to explore the influence of early recovery training and nursing on improving organ functions of acute brain Apoplexy patients.

20.the patient was seized with Apoplexy yesterday afternoon.

21.family intervention to the curative effect of Apoplexy patient's dysphagia

22.results: there was a significant difference among the site of Apoplexy , attacking time, sick type and the epilepsy attack.

23.objective discuss the impact of mentality nursing over patient recovery at brain Apoplexy hemiplegia convalescent stage.

24.objective: to observe the influence of early psychological intervention on rehabilitation of cerebral Apoplexy patients.

25.the out Apoplexy should be treated with the nourishing the blood and removing the wind.

26.application of movement re-study method in rehabilitation of cerebral Apoplexy patients complicated with hemiparalysis

27.changes of melatonin and its receptor in ischemic cerebral Apoplexy rats and effect of pretreatment with melatonin.

28.objective: to observe the clinic effect of complex therapy on ischemic Apoplexy.

29.objective: to investigate the relationship between the solar term and the incidence of acute ischemic Apoplexy.

30.objective: to observe the clinical effect of tongnaoling capsule in treating Apoplexy at the stationary and sequelae phase.

31.to exploit a nursing framework for cerebral Apoplexy patients from self-development viewpoint, to make the nursing phenomenon systematism.

32.the clinical presentations of brain tumor Apoplexy were intracranial hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

33.study on influence of early rehabilitation interventions on limbs function recovery of cerebral Apoplexy patients complicated with hemiparalysis

34.objective: to observe the early rehabilitation of dysphagy resulted from acute cerebral Apoplexy through train.

35.effect of functional training on Apoplexy patients early rehabilitation

36.he was so furious i thought he would have Apoplexy.

37.objective to survey the pathogeny, diagnosis and treatment of corneal Apoplexy.

38.research and clinical observation of fire-heat pathogenesis of carotid atherosclerosis and Apoplexy

39.different frequency electroacupuncture with facilitation techniques in the treatment of hemiplegic patients after cerebral Apoplexy;