Apoplectic Sentence Examples | Use Apoplectic in a sentence

1.use of zhu lian's acupuncture exciting method for Apoplectic hemiplegia

2.conclusion: maxium likelihood discriminant method is practical in quantitative diagnosis of syndromes of Apoplectic sequela.

3.mix in mark consenescence in causing heart disease, Apoplectic arteriosclerosis, the most dangerous is carotid sclerosis.

4.objective to observe therapeutic effect of blood-letting therapy on Apoplectic hemiplegia numbness syndrome and search for clinically effective therapy.

5.oh , yes , sir , he told me ; it appears to have been an Apoplectic stroke .

6.observation on the efficacy of acupuncture plus rehabilitation composite treatment for Apoplectic aphasia

7.had the poor man been Apoplectic, he could never have recovered from his paroxysm of wrath.

8.but the consensus around the gulf coast is turning more Apoplectic and apocalyptic.

9.is it the sound of Apoplectic readers typing irate e-mails about the subject of this column?

10.observations on the effect of acupuncture for treatment of 46 patients with Apoplectic aphasia

11.this article discussed the herbal treatment and rehabilitation of Apoplectic sequelae.

12.ashley cole-spends whole time trying to coax an Apoplectic cheryl down from the nearest tree.

13."my dear bertha," said miss ley," the doctor will have an Apoplectic fit if you say such things."

14.results and conclusion the effect was better in the observation group than the control group, showing that point yongquan had a specific effect on Apoplectic sequela.

15.on the basis of chinese medical theory and clinical experience, it is argued that the mechanism of Apoplectic aphasia is different from the one of primary apoplexy, and its treatment should focus on releasing lungs, regulating governor vessel and activating blood flow.

16.he was Apoplectic with rage t the decision.

17.it drew Apoplectic protests from israel and much abject apologising from the british government.

18.clinical observations on the treatment of Apoplectic sequela with combined syndrome differentiation and treatment and antidepressant

19.the manifestation of the Apoplectic sequela is almost the nidus softness, absorption and change.

20.objective: to explore the rule of quantitative diagnosis of syndromes in Apoplectic sequela.

21.method yin meridian electroacupuncture was used to treat high muscular tension of limb in37 cases of Apoplectic hemiplegia.

22.study on the curative effects of Apoplectic patients adopted rehabilitation exercises combined with acupuncture therapy

23.and, air temperature fluctuates substantially still can cause coronary artery and spasm of cerebral artery blood-vessel, bring about coronary heart disease and Apoplectic.

24.clinical study of thick needle therapeutic method in treating the spastic state of Apoplectic patients

25.the apple support web site filled up with messages from Apoplectic customers.

26.the old boy hesitated, looking from his precious helmet to the Apoplectic oberfeldwebel.

27.conclusion acupuncture has some predominances in treatment of Apoplectic pseudobulbar palsy.

28.maxium likelihood discriminant method is practical in quantitative diagnosis of syndromes of Apoplectic sequela.

29.he lingered all day, breathing loudly like the old buccaneer at home in his Apoplectic fit;

30.my father was Apoplectic when he discovered the truth.

31.he became Apoplectic about wasteful government spending.

32.clinical study of the special display on the auricular points of Apoplectic patients

33.hypertensive disease and arterial congee appearance are sclerotic, it is a head in Apoplectic reason the mainest and the commonest.

34.it's enough to make them choke with Apoplectic rage

35.clinical research survey on methods of scalp acupuncture treatment for Apoplectic hemiplegia

36.objective: to investigate the therapeutic effect and nursing care on the patients who was ill with Apoplectic anandia and received venesection combined with language rehabilitation training.

37.matthew was Apoplectic with rage when he found out.

38.clinical observations on the treatment of 43 Apoplectic aphasia patients by tongue acupuncture as a main method