Apophysis Sentence Examples | Use Apophysis in a sentence

1.objective to summarize the common sonographical and pathological characteristics of Apophysis lesions of the gallbladder, so as to improve the level of diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

2.among carcinoma of the cardia, Apophysis type was common.

3.besides, the underground construct of this area is also very complicated, and the rupture system in mid-shallow layer is developed owing to dongying center Apophysis.

4.the eastern reef island area, with shallow seawater, is higher parts of xisha Apophysis, where the basement is directly covered with reef facies carbonate rocks.

5.objective to study the clinical, pathologic and radiologic features of chondroblastoma occurring in sites other than epiphysis and Apophysis of long bones, and to investigate possible reasons for misdiagnosis.

6.or it is the fiber appearance spot with scar shape smooth face, without dilate of apparent blood capillary, ulcer and Apophysis.

7.taking the actual project as an example, based on the sinks of the tamped area, the Apophysis and the dynamic penetration result, this technique can achieve the anticipated reinforcement effect.

8.a gui app called Apophysis that makes it easier for users to create sheep replaced the original flame plugins.

9.on day 6, plasma and organelle in cells increased, tight junction and intermediate junction were found and there was ( Apophysis) in cell surface and microfilament in Apophysis.

10.seed scales thin, woody or leathery, without Apophysis and umbo.

11.however, the nucellus cells at the chalaza end split and reproduce, which results in the appearance of an expanded Apophysis that keeps its shape until the seed becomes mature during the development process of the fruit in the coming year.

12.melatonin (mlt) is endogenous indoles hormone with high bioactivity synthesized by Apophysis cerebri.

13.result mri showed pituitary obvious homogeneous enhanced, upward symmetrically Apophysis with shape like a bell, the height of pituitary gland was 9.4~ 16mm, the width of the stalk was 1.4~ 1.7 mm.

14.crx gene is also found in the zebrafish, in the retina and Apophysis ossium.

15.the growth rate of acetabular ring Apophysis: an experimental research

16.conclusions cns radiotherapy is recommended as the selection of the treatment for cerebral Apophysis germinomas.

17.reconstruction of conchae in patients with microtia among carcinoma of the cardia, Apophysis type was common.

18.the length of Apophysis posterior and anterior not less than twice as long as segement eight.

19.there were inverse u-shaped ciliated Apophysis and v-shaped ciliated grooves on the inferior segment of descending intestine, while only v-shaped ciliated groove existed on the ascending intestine.

20.the climate change features is simulated during the tibetan plateau Apophysis.

21.or it is the fiber appearance spot with scar shape smooth face , without dilate of apparent blood capillary , ulcer and Apophysis

22.e. slight hunch stage, intensive hunch stage and transfixion and fast slippage stage. secondly, a great contrast between Apophysis and depression of the seafloor topographty;

23.in mammal, crx is mainly expressed in developing and mature rods and cones, weakly expressed in inner nuclear layer, it is also expressed in Apophysis ossium.

24.objective to assess the different effects among various methods for cerebral Apophysis germinomas.

25.all of cultures attached to the bottom and became differentiated on the 2nd day in coated group that put with polylysine coat in advance. the differentiation cell became more gradually, and the Apophysis crossed into net, and almost adhered to the whole bottom.

26.scanning electron microscope indicated that adherent cells showed shuttle shape or multiple angle shape, and the multiple Apophysis showed irregular shape.

27.enter new century, belt of economy of annulus bohai sea will become china belt of Apophysis of the3rd old economy, become the new growth area that has development vigor and competition ability most.

28.the clinical value of 3d-ultrasound in diagnosis of the Apophysis lesions of gallbladder

29.the mesonotum is apparent Apophysis, as bow-backed, english name humpbacked flies thus characteristics to come.

30.during the pleistocene the strong wind caused by tibetan plateau Apophysis brings great deal of power-dust from the inland desert in middle asia zone to loess plateau zone, which was formed accordingly;

31.as mammary gland development, adipose with hemal grow in quantity, make whole breast Apophysis, this one change can see from the exterior.

32.if touches it, it will cause the hair of bad feeling, after it with full tibial Apophysis fierce kick back, said resistance.

33.radiographically, it appears as an ovoid lesion with thin sclerotic margin, located centrally or eccentrically in the epiphysis or Apophysis.

34.compared to control group, the diabetic rats showed a high immunoreactivity, the gfap body was enlarged markedly, Apophysis was obviously longer, the expressed numbers were increased, and the volume density of gfap was also increased significantly ( p < 0.01).

35.objectives: cokicpolyp is floorboard of colon or rectum Apophysis lesion, which is diagnosed mainly according to colonoscopy.