Aponeurosis Sentence Examples | Use Aponeurosis in a sentence

1.correction of severe congenital blepharoptosis by suspension of frontal muscle flap overlapped with orbital septum Aponeurosis flap

2.anterior Aponeurosis repair to cure the aponeurotic ptosis

3.statistical analysis of complications of the frontalis Aponeurosis flap for correction of complete blepharoptosis

4.palmaris longus with Aponeurosis palmaris transfer and palmar skin shortening to correct claw hand deformity

5.objective to investigate a new surgical technique for reconstruction of ⅱ zone digital dorsal Aponeurosis defect.

6.the pathology changes located not only at the palmar Aponeurosis but also in the subcutaneous tissue and overlying skin.

7.objective: to study suspension by frontalis Aponeurosis flap especially suitable for the treatment of severe ptosis.

8.a modified technique for the correction of adult-acquired ptosis by Aponeurosis replication with adjustable sutures is supposed to provide the surgeon with added controls over the final result.

9.sectional anatomy of flexor tendon and dorsal digital Aponeurosis of great toe

10.objective to investigate the method and effect of the modified design of frontalis Aponeurosis flap to correct the moderate and severe blepharoptosis.

11.palmar Aponeurosis pulley: morphologic and anatomical study

12.operation of strengthening levator palpabrae muscle to treat senile Aponeurosis blepharoptosis

13.family tree and restoration method of hereditary opalescent dentin: a case report anterior Aponeurosis repair to cure the aponeurotic ptosis

14.surgery of Aponeurosis ptosis

15.frontalis Aponeurosis flap suspension in the treatment of moderate and severe blepharoptosis

16.to observe the long-dated curative effect on frontal muscle Aponeurosis suspension.

17.correction of complete blepharoptosis by frontalis Aponeurosis flap suspension

18.results: the frontalis Aponeurosis flap suspension was one of methods for correction of complete blepharoptosis.

19.frontalis Aponeurosis flay and levator palpebrae superior Aponeurosis flay on treatment of complete blepharoptosis clinical discussion of fan-shaped frontal muscle Aponeurosis flap suspension for severe congenital ptosis

20.palmar Aponeurosis near flexor retinaculum was easy to compress the recurrent branch.

21.objective: to explore the therapy of uplifting the upper eyelid Aponeurosis on innateness ptosis.

22.treatment of aponeurotic ptosis by plication of levator Aponeurosis improved repair with tendon sheath with base of ruptures of achilles tendons again

23.results: the section of flexor tendon and digital Aponeurosis might be divided into& types and 3 types respectively according to their morphology.

24.methods: 41 in patient's cases of complete blepharoptosis were studied and analyzed with follow-up examinations after frontalis Aponeurosis flap suspension.

25.observation of mc in the deep Aponeurosis under the fluorescent microscope by electric needling in "zusanli"

26.methods: the frontalis muscle fascial flap was sutured and fixed on the levator muscle Aponeurosis of upper eyelid for elevation of the upper eyelid.

27.conclusion: the areas of flexor tendon and dorsal digital Aponeurosis decreased from proximal to distal.

28.the local strip of palmar Aponeurosis was excised.

29.clinical experience of suspension of frontal Aponeurosis in children with congenital ptosis clinical analysis of the central tie frontalis muscle suspension surgery in severe congenital ptosis

30.can aid in the diagnosis of clear cell sarcoma (of tendon and Aponeurosis) and synovial sarcoma, respectively.

31.conclusions: the decrease of the slide distance of the dorsal digital Aponeurosis will influence flexion function of fingers.

32.clinical analysis of long-dated curative effect on frontal muscle Aponeurosis suspension

33.conclusion folding of lid levator and frontal muscle Aponeurosis was the most effective method for severe blepharoptosis.

34.clinical meaning and the relationship between the slide of the dorsal digital Aponeurosis and the flexion of the pip

35.aim: to study the effects of frontal muscle Aponeurosis suspension in the rectification of severe blepharoptosis.

36.11 patients ( 18 eyes) in the group a were treated by central tenotomy of levator Aponeurosis.

37.fresh injury of the dorsal digital Aponeurosis must be repaired accurately;