Apomorphine Sentence Examples | Use Apomorphine in a sentence

1.those that work indirectly by first stimulating some process in the brain (substance: Apomorphine ).

2.results: after injection of Apomorphine, times of penile erection of rats in control group decreased, compared with normal group, suggesting significant difference between two groups.

3.finally, effects of the samples on adrenergic systerms were estimated preliminarily by yohimbine-induced lethality tests, the antagonism of high dose of Apomorphine.

4.the therapeutic effect of cell transplantation was evaluated through rotations of pd rats induced by Apomorphine (apo).

5.no effects were found with α 2-adrenoceptor agonists clonidine and xylazine or dopamine receptor agonist Apomorphine and antagonist haloperidol in this study.

6.thc inhibition effect of Apomorphine on the experimen-tal form deprivation myopia

7.the effect of a single Apomorphine on the visual discrimination learning and working memory in rats

8.determination of related substances of Apomorphine hydrochloride sublingual tablet by hplc

9.aim to observe the c-fos expression in the caudate-putman of 6-ohda-lesioned rats after Apomorphine intraperitoneal injection and to investigate the inherent mechanism of it.

10.each dose group of flos daturae improved obviously in rotation induced by Apomorphine. rotating laps was decreased significantly compared with the model group.

11.effects of nsc transplantation on Apomorphine-induced rotational behavior in the rat models of parkinson disease

12.methods turning tests induced by Apomorphine and forelimb functional tests were performed. also, the expression of th mrna in mesencephalon of the rats was detected by semi quantitative analysis of one step rt pcr.

13.the functional outcome of each group was measured using the Apomorphine induced rotation test at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks after treatment.

14.objective: to establish a gc method for the quantitative determination of menthol(c10h20o)in compound Apomorphine hydrochloride nasal spray.

15.objective: to develop a hplc method for determination of Apomorphine hcl in sublingual tablets.

16.for reversal learning, the mean correct number of rats in Apomorphine group was significantly lower than its in saline group.

17.eight weeks later, the erection function of the rats were measured by Apomorphine injection. the intercavernous pressure ( icp) of the normal and diabetic rats with ed were measured by electrostimulation before being sacrificed.

18.determination in homogeneous degree of Apomorphine hydrochloride

19.Apomorphine-induced rotations and number of nissl-stained neurons of substantia nigra pars compacta (snc) were counted.

20.a study on the mechanism of Apomorphine for treatment of myopia

21.effects of androgen on erectile function induced by Apomorphine and electric field stimulation in castrated rats

22.results: Apomorphine evoked strange rotting behavior in pd rats. there were the neuronal cellular swelling and necrosis in left mesencephalic vta, and morphological changes in pd rats.

23.conclusion: this method is simple, fast and accurate, and could be beneficial to control the quality of Apomorphine hydrochloride tablets.

24.the circling behavior was observed by intraperitoneal-injection of Apomorphine during the intervals of 2,3 and 4 weeks after injection.

25.conclusiona single Apomorphine might disrupt the working memory of reversal learning in rats, but not affect the working memory of normal learning and the process of reversal learning.

26.objective: to establish a gc method for the quantitative determination of menthol ( c10h20o) in compound Apomorphine hydrochloride nasal spray.

27.objective: to observe the effects of neural stem cell ( nsc) transplantation on the Apomorphine induced rotational behavior in the rat models of parkinson disease ( pd).

28.after transplanting nih-3t3-th engineered cells into the lesioned striatum by stereotaxic technique, the rats were tested for rotational behavior induced by Apomorphine.

29.determination Apomorphine hydrochloride and its relative substances in Apomorphine hydrochloride nasal spray by hplc

30.determination of Apomorphine and sildenafil in medicines for erectile dysfunction by capillary electrophoresis- mass spectrometry

31.determination of Apomorphine hydrochloride in rabbits plasma by hplc with fluorescence detection

32.objective to develop a method for the determination of Apomorphine hydrochloride and its relative substances in Apomorphine hydrochloride nasal spray.