Apology Sentence Examples | Use Apology in a sentence

1.they served up an Apology for a meal.

2.through complicated experience in the next year, the boy finally made a Apology for her initiatively, so the happiness continued.

3.he has said he will make an Apology to the whole of asia for his country's past behaviour

4.he made a public Apology for the team's performance.

5.i didn't get an Apology

6.and in what appears to be a curious, roundabout Apology for his remarks, he dwells on the "moral values" inherited from his parents.

7.he wrote a very formal letter of Apology to douglas

8.a sincere and heartfelt Apology gets you more respect than trying wriggle out of owning up to a mistake.

9.instead of an Apology of any sort, the salesperson said, to her face, "i hate having to deal with prc girls like you, you are a menace. "

10.have you made an Apology to him for breaking his window?

11.jones 'lawyers are seeking an unreserved Apology from the newspaper.

12.those right-wing people who most honour their monarch see no reason for any Apology.

13.the withdrawal of his statement is tantamount to an Apology.

14.after years of campaigning, survivors gathered to hear kevin rudd, the prime minister, offer a formal Apology for this "great evil" .

15.i trust you will take the earliest opportunity to make a full Apology

16.westcott appealed to waite for an Apology, which he duly received.

17.she is still angry and refuses to accept my Apology.

18.already he has exacted a written Apology from the chairman of the commission

19.he is a poor Apology for a researcher of the american drama.

20.he wouldn't listen to my Apology and showed me the door.

21.she had been thinking the matter over, and she thought an Apology distinctly needful.

22.they insisted upon a withdrawal of the statement and a public Apology.

23.did you make an Apology to him?

24.he accepted the Apology with great generosity.

25.but still no Apology. when tanya challenged him about this he gave her a throwaway reply.

26.i must offer him an Apology for my rudeness last night.

27.first of all, could i begin with an Apology for a mistake i made last week?

28.he also handed over a letter of Apology from the prime minister

29.having the honour, though i am unworthy of it, to be counted among your intimate friends, i hope that you will not take offence. ( an Apology in a classical-style letter)

30.the coronary comes just a week after he issued a public Apology to rooney's wife coleen over his privately-educated daughter's vice shame.

31.we received a letter of Apology

32.i am offended that your entertainment expert should make such a mistake and hereby request a formal Apology.

33.he is a poor Apology for an actor.

34.to her amazement, her son was grateful for her son was grateful for her willingness to call and offered an Apology of his own.

35.i owe you an Apology. you must have found my attitude very annoying

36.the president's speech was an effective Apology for his foreign policy.

37.i can give to another family to ask forgiveness, or Apology for a wrongdoing a member of my family has caused onto the other family.