Apologizing Sentence Examples | Use Apologizing in a sentence

1.you insulted him instead of Apologizing.

2.i was an introverted child to the point of communicating with colored crayons and Apologizing to objects when i bumped into them.

3.but you know what? i bet that obama will start Apologizing to north korea and try to open a 'friendly hand' to them.

4.after Apologizing, i got her parcel.

5.he atoned by Apologizing

6.you find yourself regularly Apologizing to clients or having your boss do it for you.

7.by not Apologizing, at the very least he is staying true to himself.

8.john humphries: shouldn't you be Apologizing to those people?

9.they insisted on him [ his] Apologizing.

10.she was the type who would wake up in the morning and immediately start Apologizing.

11.barely a week goes by without one or other public figure Apologizing for a disaster of monumental proportions.

12.men rarely say "i'm sorry" because on mars it means you have done something wrong and you are Apologizing.

13.do your children see you Apologizing to your spouse and to them when you are at fault?

14.an envelope with a handwritten note from her, Apologizing again and asking me to accept the coupons.

15.you better not be Apologizing for me!

16.it's too late to salve your conscience by Apologizing.

17."god, i hope there aren't any more," he said, while Apologizing anew for the problems.

18.Apologizing to the disliked person can do wonders for ones physical and mental being, bringing happiness and contentment.

19.stop Apologizing and tell mike he makes you mad.

20.she was the type that would wake up in the morning and immediately start Apologizing.

21.he has told several interviewers that he has no intention of Apologizing for his comments.

22.although you don't like i Apologizing, i have to say sorry.

23.i tried tears. i tried Apologizing to you.

24.the little boy used to put his mother to the trouble of Apologizing to their neighbours for his carelessness.

25.at last, he had to end up Apologizing to his father.

26.Apologizing to me isn't gonna change what happened.

27.this weekend, south carolina governor mark sanford wrote an editorial Apologizing for his behavior.

28.but check out the video. just so you know. look who helped rambis off the floor and seemed to be Apologizing for the foul.

29.that you've been Apologizing to me a lot lately?

30.i think you should be Apologizing to the american people.

31.find out what the offense was before Apologizing, or risk making things worse by coming off as patronizing.

32.i should be Apologizing to you.

33.he said he was Apologizing particularly to his wife, state department official huma abedin, who did not appear with him.

34.being human, we all need to know the art of Apologizing.

35.though i still had no idea what i said had hurt you, i know there must be some that made you sick today. therefore, i am Apologizing to you sincerely now!

36.but he isn't Apologizing.

37.please stop Apologizing! i appreciate what you were trying to do. it was a lovely thought; it just went idiously idiously idiously wrong.

38.so naturally i approached her and introduced myself while Apologizing again.

39.he ended up Apologizing to us.