Apologized Sentence Examples | Use Apologized in a sentence

1.he knew he had been wrong, and duly Apologized.

2.the statement added that cctv was sorry for the mistake and that it had Apologized for any inconvenience caused to the three torchbearers.

3.he Apologized when he sobered up.

4."i'm so sorry about what i said this morning," i Apologized.

5.she gave me a sheepish smile and Apologized.

6.if you arrive late, you should Apologized and explain why.

7.a few lines, more terrifying than anything i read before, as he Apologized to someone for killing the child.

8.very soon she Apologized and left.

9.i have Apologized to maria, my children and my family.

10.you may not believe this, but finally he Apologized to me.

11.taking his cue from his companion, he Apologized for his earlier display of temper.

12.richards says he knows his words were offensive and has Apologized.

13.the pastor remembered the mishap and Apologized for disturbing him, explaining that he'd intended to call his wife.

14.i Apologized to you for that!

15.just now, i have got after a colleague of financial department in the way of email because he made some mistake but he never Apologized.

16.thanks to friends and family i learned from my mistakes and grew up and Apologized for those wrongs.

17.now that she has Apologized, i am content.

18.he Apologized for not writing to you.

19.he Apologized with a look of shame.

20.two days later, ms. guo Apologized online for her "stupid and ignorant behavior" and "made-up identity. "

21.i knocked over jack's ink and i Apologized to him.

22.he chewed out the player, who Apologized the next time i saw him

23.he said the officials had Apologized for the incident.

24.the day after, he Apologized.

25.i Apologized repeatedly, but to little avail.

26.costello later Apologized, saying he'd been annoyed by the man

27.i Apologized for my rudeness.

28.he Apologized, saying this subject always aroused him.

29.she Apologized to her teacher for coming to school late.

30.he later Apologized for what he said was an "inappropriate" remark.

31.i Apologized to her, for i had wronged her.

32.the receptionist Apologized for the delay, explaining that it had been a hectic day.

33.he later Apologized for his comments.

34.organizers soon Apologized, saying it is simply a mistake as designers did not know german.

35.he Apologized to the people who had been affected.

36.he also Apologized to swift again, and said he has written a song for her that he hopes she will perform.

37.he Apologized for having kept us waiting for hours.

38.he Apologized to her for having offended.

39.she howled and hobbled about for a few moments while her mother Apologized over the promising sound of sprinkling quarters.

40.two years ago, congress formally Apologized for the internment