Aphid Sentence Examples | Use Aphid in a sentence

1.and after a few days, depending upon temperature, the egg will hatch, and the larva of this parasitoid will eat the Aphid from the inside.

2.study on characteristics of hyperparasitic parasitism on Aphid parasites in different tobacco plant positions

3."the dna from a fungus went into the Aphid somehow, " moran says, "and then stayed there and continued to function. "

4.there is adequate variability in plants to breed for resistance to certain Aphid vectors.

5.this paper is the research about the biological properties of paecilomyces cateniannulatus the quality to cause the cabbage caterpillar and Aphid infected and the mechanism of the infection.

6.in general an Aphid cannot or hardly identify its host at a distance.

7.only the egg of the parasite will be be inserted into the body fluids of the Aphid.

8.preliminary study on the parasites and hyper parasites of cole Aphid in xining region

9.the genetic cause and cure suggestion of soybean Aphid in2004.

10.among the most destructive enemies of the apple orchard are the codling moth, various species of mites, the woolly Aphid, the apple maggot, the red-banded leaf roller, and scale insects.

11.effects of post-acquisition fast on cucumber mosaic virus transmission by the cotton Aphid, aphis gossypii;

12.research on mapping and molecular marker-assisted selection of sorghum Aphid resistance gene

13.studies on monitoring and mechanism of insecticide resistance in green citrus Aphid

14.and it's bad for one species to be responsible for Aphid control with no backup.

15.the reproduction rate of the Aphid is influenced by nutrition.

16.this paper studies composition and characters of the Aphid fauna of hengduan mountains region.

17.it appears that in the early growth period of sweet pepper, the best. effectiveness of Aphid, shading by reflective white plastic cloth.

18.one of the functions of the endosymbiont is the synthesis of essential amino acids for the Aphid host.

19.induction of host plants on carboxylesterase and acetylcholinesterase activity in green peach Aphid

20.at the same time, main mechanism of Aphid population decrease interfered by the wind and rain was observed indoors.

21.since Aphid population may become resistant to organophosphorus compounds, avoid excessive spraying.

22.the Aphid is now laying waste to the wheat and barley fields.

23.several species of ant domesticate a kind of insect called an Aphid.

24.the results suggested that the transgenic cotton sgk321 had control efficiency not only to the cotton bollworm, but also to some non-target pests, such as the cotton Aphid and the tobacco whitefly.

25.scientists at rothamsted research have been monitoring the flying form of all Aphid species for42 years.

26.studies on effect of potassium on phenolic metabolism of wheat and its relationship with dynamic of Aphid population

27.along with medicament density increasing, the longevity of adult Aphid of f0 generation mostly shortened and the total fecundity decreased.

28.in most years, the Aphid was controlled under natural regulators, especially its natural enemies and no insecticide application was needed.

29.study of effects of potassium levels on phenolic and lignin metabolism of wheat and dynamic of Aphid population

30.the woolly Aphid has a lanate coat resembling cotton.

31.Aphid count on plants in fields do not correlate with virus spread in the same fields.

32.in fact, cigarette butts out of the water bubble governance Aphid was the "medicine. "

33.the dynamics of the soybean Aphid aphis glycines, fed on glabrous soybean and the pubescent soybean plant, was observed in the laboratory.

34.making method and skill of glass specimen of Aphid were introduced.

35.there was high homology of amino acid sequence between the cotton Aphid and other insects.

36.bright green Aphid; feeds on and causes curling of apple leaves.

37.he used Aphid fecundity data to elucidate the theoretical effects of antibiosis on insect population dynamics.

38.study on control effect of 0.3% soluble matrine etc new pesticides on cotton Aphid in north xinjiang